Aeropress VS Chemex ( What are the differences)

While talking about the coffee makers the first thing that comes in our mind is the two market leaders that are the AeroPress coffee maker and the Chemex coffee maker. No doubt both of the coffee makers outpaced all other coffee makers in the world but the question arising here is, which one to choose from the two?

Like billions of others including me in this huge world if you are also a coffee lover you must be wondering to have the best coffee maker in town which can offer you a cup of coffee that relaxant your all-day tired muscles and gives you a mitigating feel when first touches to your taste buds. If you are also the one who is finding the best coffee maker for your kitchen then we welcome you to the debate. Today we will clarify the differences between the aero press and Chemex coffee maker.

The Chemex coffee makers are known for the blend of their elegant design and complex functionality. While the Aero Press coffee makers are known for their espresso-style coffee-making process which is way easier when processed in Aero Press than in the espresso machine itself.

Aeropress VS Chemex – Overview and Differences

Aeropress coffee maker:

If you are having an aero press coffee maker you will have the following properties along with it.

  1. Microfilter: Aero Press coffee maker comes with microfilters that mean that there will be no grit in your cup of coffee. Grits surely are the most disliked thing when you are drinking a coffee.
  2. Low acidity: Aero Press coffee maker offers you a coffee with relatively low acidity this happens because aero Press brewed coffee at a relatively low temperature, unlike the other coffee makers whose brewing processes are done at higher temperatures.
  3. Smoothness: When you have an aero Press coffee maker you are delighted to have a smooth and less bitter coffee. Other coffee makers mostly don’t have the less bitter property because the filters of the other coffee makers somehow allow the beans to pass through the filter into the cup which makes the coffee bitter and gritty.
  4. Espresso and American style coffee: Not in technical terms but terms of taste you can have an espresso by using the aero Press coffee maker. Espresso is made when 9 bars of pressure in hot water pass through the finely ground roasted coffee beans in an espresso machine. This phenome doesn’t happen in an aero Press coffee maker but it somehow gives the same taste as that of the traditional espresso. American-style coffee is just a diluted shot of espresso, hard in taste. If you can have an espresso from the Aero Press coffee maker you undoubtedly can have an American-style coffee too.
  5. Easy cleanup: The aero Press coffeemaker offers an easy cleanup of the machine for its customers by offering a simple design.
  6. BPA and phthalate-free: All the parts of the aero Press are made of propylene and thus are BPA and phthalate-free.

Chemex coffee maker;

If you are planning to have a Chemex coffee maker for your kitchen you will enjoy the following of its feature.

  1. Elegant design: If we say that the Chemex coffee maker is known and the best seller in the market of the coffee makers because of its elegant design we are surely not wrong. The Chemex coffee maker comes with a classy glass design which becomes the first attraction towards the customer and soothing for their eyes.
  2. Thicker filters: The Chemex coffee makers have a 30% thicker filter than the traditional filters, which don’t allow the unwanted fats and oils to pass through them and will give a 100% pure, smooth, and grits free coffee.
  3. Complex functionality: While using Chemex you may find it complex to brew different styles of coffee in it. But if you are willing to play with Chemex’s complexity and calculations you will love to have the Chemex and will make your coffee-making experience more fun and delightful.
  4. Easy maintenance: As Chemex comes in a simple design it’s easier to maintain its cleanliness.
  5. Great investment; the happy thing about the Chemex beyond its elegant design and complex functionality it comes in a reasonable reach which makes it a PowerPoint to have for the kitchen.



Needs  only 1-3 mins to brew your coffee

Will take 7-8 minutes for brewing.

The best option if you want a portable and instant coffee maker.

A perfect choice if one wanted to have a nice looking coffee maker for their kitchen.

Gives the best espresso-like flavor.

Gives a richer flavor of the beans with intricate notes.

Just have a simple causal outlook.

Have an outlook to the allure.

Offers easy brewing.

Brewing is somehow complex.

If we think about the fast-moving world and the bustling routines that we are going through in our daily lives then one must go with the Aero Press coffee makers because it is instant in its nature of brewing coffee and make 2-3 cups in just a maximum of three minutes without demanding any troublesome actions, just do the whole process by its own after it is filled with the coffee beans.

But if you are not only a coffee lover but also loves every detail of it and willing to do some exciting experiences with your coffee you must go with the Chemex coffee maker because it allows you to set proportions to make coffee of your style is surely an interesting thing to have in your kitchen to play with.

You can also read the guide about how to clean a coffee maker without vinegar here.


From the above discussion, we have concluded that both the aero Press and Chemex have their variant properties both are best in their dynasty none of them can beat the other. It wholly depends on your preferences that what you want and what kind of coffee you will prefer. The end decision is now all yours, I hope you will find this article a feast if you are also comparing the two of the above. If you want to learn about other coffee makers let us know in the comment section below. It will be profoundly valued.


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