Best Meat Slicer for jerky 2022 ( Top Picks)

A meat slicer is a gadget utilized in a butcher’s shop. It is equally useful in little and enormous eateries, and our homes too. It uses varies from slicing the meat, slicing cheese, and making sausages. Traditionally these machines have crank handles for manual operation. These manual slicers are difficult to use and require assistance. Now there are better replacements with motors installed and automated functioning. There are many meat slicers available in the market. But If you are looking for the best meat slicer for jerky, then you have come to the right place.

All meat slicers do not have the same properties. Choosing the right product in accordance with your needs is very important. Meat slicers are divided into categories depending upon their uses and functions.  The first category is light-duty meat slicers. These meat slicers are a conservative choice for standard use. They are a good choice for lodgings, cafés, and household purposes. These slicers are capable of slicing cooked or boiled meat. They are not very useful for cutting raw and frozen meats.

The second category is standard duty meat slicers. They are also not suitable for frozen meat. They are useful for long-term work, but the blade wears out if you try to cut hard things. The last category is the heavy-duty meat slicers. These heavy-duty slicers are useful for cutting frozen and hard meat. They can work continuously without burning out. They are usually used for commercial purposes or by butchers. If you are looking for a jerky meat slicer, we have enlisted some top options for you.

Best Meat Slicer for jerky  2022

Image Product Feature Price
Top PIck

BESWOOD 250 Premium Electric Food Slicer


Metallic body
Sturdy and durable
Built-in blade sharpeners
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Top Pick

KWS MS-10NT Premium Commercial  Meat Slicer


Quiet and fast
Cut hard meat efficiently
Non-stick blade
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Top Pick

CUSIMAX Meat Slicer Electric Food Slicer – Best Budget


Compact size
Easy to carry
Comes assembled
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Top Pick

Super Deal Commercial Stainless-Steel Meat Slicer


Compact design
Easy to use and clean
Durable structure
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Top Pick

KWS MS-12NT Premium Commercial Electric Meat Slicer


Useful for meat deli
Do not burn out quickly
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Top Pick

Weston Realtree Outfitters  Meat Slicer


Portable size
Easy to use
Multiple functioning
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Chef’s Choice Electric Meat Slicer


Do not produce noise
Easy to clean
Easy to use
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Reviews of Top Meat Slicer for Jerky

1.BESWOOD 250 Premium Electric Food Slicer

BESWOOD 250 Premium Electric Food Slicer

It is a very sturdy and durable meat slicer. It has sharp chromium-plated carbon steel blades. These blades remain sharp and corrosion-free for a longer time. There are two built-in whetstone blade sharpeners inside the aluminum body. These sharpeners maintain the blade’s sharpness and durability. Therefore, no external blade sharpening is required. These sharp blades can cut paper-thin slices of meat, bread, and cheese, etc. A premium V-belt is present to reduce vibrational noise effectively. The body is composed of strong aluminum metal.

BLADE SPECIFICATIONS: The diameter of the blade is 10 inches. The power consumption of this machine is 110-120V and 240W. This powerful motor helps you finish your work in minimum time with maximum efficiency. The blade revolution rate is 282 times per minute. It produces meat slices up to 210mm long. This blade is useful for a longer duration and does not require sharpening. This blade also has a high-temperature treatment feature.

SLICING ADJUSTMENTS: The slicing thickness of this machine range 12 units from 1-2 inches. There is a knob that allows you to adjust the slice thickness. This thickness is adjustable from paper-thin slices up to 2 inches thick.

SAFETY FEATURES: Double illuminated switch control for improved visibility. It has an elastic cushioned handle and a cutting-edge guarding ring. These features make it simple to utilize the gadget. The working voltage is 24V. This low voltage prevents injuries due to electric shock.

USAGE: BESWOOD electric food slicer is equally useful for commercial kitchens, restaurants, cafes, and domestic kitchens as well.  It is a reliable tool to slice boneless meat, bread, cheese, and other vegetables. It is a high-standard performance device.

CLEANING METHOD: The slicer part is easy to separate from the rest of the assembly. It is attached to the metallic body with a screw-like knob. This part is easy to remove and wash with a regular dishwasher.

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT: It weighs around 33 pounds. It is easy to move and does not consume large space. Product dimensions are 20.00 x 17.00 x 14.75 inches. It is available only in silver color.

Despite all these marvelous characters, the cleaning of this machine may be hard for some people. However, it is a splendid addition to your kitchen.


  • Metallic body
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Built-in blade sharpeners
  • Adjustable slice thickness
  • Easy to handle
  • Difficult cleaning
  • Not lightweight

2.KWS MS-10NT Premium Commercial Electric Meat Slicer

KWS MS-10NT Premium Commercial Electric Meat Slicer

The second product on our list is a sturdy meat slicer. This commercial meat slicer is costly to some extent. In any case, it is something worth spending your cash on. It is an electric appliance that produces 320 Watts of power. The working voltage for this device is 110V. It is a fast functioning and durable machine. Different handles provide different sizes of cuts. The body of the machine is composed of aluminum alloy. Aluminum prevents corrosion and gives durability to the structure.

BLADE SPECIFICATIONS: There is a 10-inch non-sticky Teflon sharp-edged blade. It is composed of stainless steel coated with non-stick Teflon. This sharp blade provides slices as thin as paper up to 0.4 inches. It also has a built-in sharpening whetstone. Therefore, these blades do not require external honing. This blade is not only useful to cut meat, but also a perfect choice to make cheese slices.  The rotatory speed of these blades is 525 times per min.

SLICING ADJUSTMENTS: It requires meat chunks of dimensions 7 (L) X 7.5(W) X 5.5 (H) to make slices. This machine has different handles to make multiple-sized slices. It can make slices up to 0.4 inches, up to 10mm. There are four interchangeable cones for variable-sized slicing.

SAFETY FEATURES: It has skid-proof rubber feet. These rubber feet make it safe to place on a counter. It is easy to handle, and the blades are present inside the aluminum body and whetstones. The power button has a waterproof covering. This cover prevents electric shock to the user.

USAGE: It is perfect for slicing meat, cheese, ham, and vegetables. The non-stick feature of the blade makes perfect slices.

CLEANING METHODS: The parts of the machine are separable for thorough cleaning. Blades are attached to the aluminum body with screws. These blades are easy to remove and clean.

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT: Product dimensions are 20.1×18.5×15.5 inches. There is a tray in this product to place meat chunks. The dimensions of this tray are 7×7.5×5.5 inches. It weighs around 40 pounds.

This machine is a bit heavier and costly as well.


  • Quiet and fast
  • Cut hard meat efficiently
  • Non-stick blade
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Built-in blade Sharpeners
  • Heavy to lift
  • Preferable for cheese slicing

3.CUSIMAX Meat Slicer Electric Food Slicer – Best Budget

CUSIMAX Meat Slicer Electric Food Slicer

CUSIMAX is a trusted company in the market of kitchenware and small household appliances. This heavy-duty meat slicer can chop and slice anything from soft bread to thick frozen raw meat. There is an adjustable thickness knob. This knob allows you to decide how thin slices you need for your jerky. It has a non-slipping handle and gliding holder. These features make it safe and durable. It is simple and easy to use. Just place the meat in the sliding tray and hold it with a gliding holder. Now switch on the blades and adjust the slice thickness. Place a container in Infront of the outlet and get your slices. It is super easy to maintain and operate.

BLADE SPECIFICATIONS: It has 7.5 inches removable stainless steel 420 blades. This sharp blade precisely cuts the meat chunks into thin slices. The cutting sharp-edged slicing blade has a belt-driven structure. There is no oil required for smooth engine working. No built-in whetstone is available in it. The front line is removable and genuinely sharpened. It is anything but difficult to utilize because of its sliding stage plate.

SLICING ADJUSTMENTS: There are slicing adjustments from 1-15. There is an adjustment knob to control these slicing thicknesses. The maximum slice thickness range is 0.04-0.6 inches (up to15mm). The slicer should not be used continuously for more than ten minutes.

SAFETY FEATURES: Spiked food pusher provides more grip to food for controlled slicing. There are four silicon skid feet. These feet attach to the base and make it easy to place on your kitchen counter.

USAGE: It is the best choice for slicing beef and mutton jerky, hampers, sandwiches, cold meat cuts, hard cheeses for sandwiches, fruits, vegetables, and bread. These fruit slices are presentable as appetizers and party platters.

CLEANING METHODS: It has a moveable track design. This tray slides and moves upward makes it easier to clean. The blade is removable and easy to wash with a dishwasher. The slicing blade has a plastic coin knob. Move this knob in the clockwise direction to remove the slicing blade.

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT: Product dimensions are 11.8 in x 9 in x 10.2 inches. It weighs around 11 pounds. The working voltage for the blade motor is 120V. The power consumption is 200W

With this device at home, you can easily enjoy freshly sliced food. However, there is no blade sharpening tool available in this device.


  • Compact size
  • Easy to carry
  • Comes assembled
  • Smooth and easy to use
  • Motor produces noise
  • Burn out by 10 min continuous use.

4.Super Deal Commercial Stainless-Steel Meat Slicer

Super Deal Commercial Stainless-Steel Meat Slicer

It is perfect for home use, caterers and restaurants, etc. It has a compact design and easy to use. Size is accurate to place this compact device in a small coffee café. It is a high-power functioning device that makes your task easier.

BLADE SPECIFICATIONS: The blade is composed of high-quality stainless steel. It can quickly slice up pizzas, sandwiches, and other raw and cooked foods. The slicing blade edge is removable and effectively washable with dishwashing soap. The cutting edge of the blade is attached to the machine with a screw and plastic handle. The slicing blade has two built-in whetstones. These whetstones sharpen the cutting edge of the blade efficiently.

SLICING ADJUSTMENTS: There are 15 thickness settings available that are adjustable with a knob. The sliced meat strips are 0-13mm thick and up to 7 inches long. The sharp edge of the slicing blade has a fixed edge guard. There is a meat pusher that helps you to keep the meat or food chunk in place while slicing. The manual slicing design ensures complete control of food during the procedure.

SAFETY FEATURES: A ring guard covers the slicing blade. This guard prevents any injury to the user. Blades can be removed and washed easily.

CLEANING METHODS: This machine is easy to clean. Parts of the machine do not separate. They move and slide. You can clean these blades with soap water. The blade is removable with only one plastic knob

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT: Product tray dimensions are 7×8 inches. It means this tray can hold larger meat chunks easily. Product dimensions are 21 x 16 x 16 inches. It weighs around 35 pounds.

This machine is not useful for slicing bulky meat cuts such as sirloin, brisket, etc.

  • Compact design
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Durable structure
  • Built-in whetstones
  • It spews small meat pieces while slicing
  • The tray is difficult to handle

5.KWS MS-12NT Premium Commercial Electric Meat Slicer


It is a very efficient semi-automatic commercial meat slicer. The body is sturdily composed of aluminum alloy. Aluminum makes it more durable and prevents corrosion. The stainless steel blade is sharp and covered with Teflon. This Teflon provides a non-stick feature to the slicer blade. It contains a heavy-duty motor that functions at 420W. It is a quiet device, does not produce excessive noise.

BLADE SPECIFICATIONS: It has a highly efficient Teflon coated blade. This blade is very sharp and rotates at a speed of 440 revolutions per min. It is 12 inches long and has built-in sharpeners. These blade sharpeners are used by pushing the button for a couple of seconds.

SLICING ADJUSTMENTS: There is a numerical scale knob. This knob is useful to control meat slices from 0-15mm thick. It can make 0-0.6 inches thick slices. The manufacturer suggests that meat should be semi-frozen when sliced. It prevents the sticking of meat to the blades.

SAFETY FEATURES: It has skid-proof rubber feet. These rubber feet prevent slipping from the counter. The power switch has a waterproof covering. This cover prevents any accidental electric shocks. Chain-mail gloves help handle the blades during cleaning.

USAGE: It is useful for slicing frozen meat, cheese, vegetables, and fruits. It is explicitly designed for business use in an eatery, restaurant kitchen, butcher shops, stores, farms, and even home use.

CLEANING METHODS: The product tray and food carriage are removable. This feature can decrease creases and difficult to reach places where microorganisms can develop. It makes the slicer very simple to clean.

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT: Product dimensions are 24.8 × 20.9 ×18.5 inches. The product tray is removable. It has dimensions 8.5 (L) X 11 (W) X 8 (H) inches. It weighs around 61 pounds. One additional whetstone and motor belts come with the product. But, this machine is not helpful in slicing wet meat and other foods.

  • Useful for meat deli
  • Do not burn out quickly
  • No manufacturer warranties
  • Not very useful for wet products

6.Weston Realtree Outfitters Meat Slicer

Weston Realtree Outfitters Electric Meat Slicer

It is a heavy-duty meat slicing machine. This machine is useful in making thin cold meat cuts. The meat slicer has a cast aluminum structure for sturdiness and is covered with a layer of food-grade material for extra protection. The treated steel brushes are intended to stay away from smidgens of meat to fold over the edges. The clasp makes it simple to be mounted at any ledge. It is simple to store because of its minimal size. It has a sturdy structure. The base has suction cups that prevent skidding marks. This beautiful machine has a camouflage cover. It looks attractive on your counter even when not in use.

BLADE SPECIFICATIONS: It has a 7.5-inches long high-quality stainless-steel blade. It has a stainless-steel tray that comes out for easy cleaning. The body is composed of anodized aluminum. The food pusher is spiked to keep the slice in place. If the blade is misaligned with the food tray, it can burn out the motor.

SLICING ADJUSTMENTS: It has a stainless-steel food tray to place meat cuts. A flexible range of slicing thickness is available. This slicing thickness is controlled by a knob present behind this machine. It can make slices from paper-thin up to a half-inch thick.

SAFETY FEATURES: It consumes 150V power. The motor functions quietly. There is a spiked gripping cup that holds the meat cut in place. The base has skid-proof suction cups. They help to give stability to the machine during slicing.

USAGE: This is a remarkably useful device to make slices and freeze meat cuts. It can be used to make meat and cheese chunks. It is handy in the preparation of fruit salads and cutting vegetables.  It is useful to slice dehydrated meat. It is useful for making jerky, steaks, and meat cuts from your thin balled meat.

CLEANING METHODS: All the parts are removable. This feature makes it easy to wash. You can use it without fearing hidden microbial growth in cracks and creases.

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT: The product dimensions are 10.63 x 14.17 x 10.24 inches. It weighs around 9 pounds only.

Despite all these useful features it is very loud and noise.

  • Portable size
  • Easy to use
  • Multiple functioning
  • Durable body
  • Noisy and loud
  • Require tenderized meat

7.Chef’s Choice Electric Meat Slicer

Chef's Choice Electric Meat Slicer


This device features precision in the thickness of slices. It has a fast and efficient slicing function. The blade is removable and easy to clean. The body and structural components are made up of aluminum and stainless steel. It has a heavy-duty structure made up of cast aluminum and stainless steel.

BLADE SPECIFICATIONS: It has a 7-inch-long stainless-steel blade. This blade is rugged and made up of casted aluminum with stainless steel. The slices may be thicker up to 3-4 inches. It has a cool running highly efficient motor. This motor does not burn out quickly. It has a large and completely retracted food carriage. This carriage allows the slicing of extra-large meat cuts. A button locks this carriage in a fixed position.

SLICING ADJUSTMENTS: There is a security button that locks the food at one place during slicing. It is a versatile slicer. It can make slices from deli thin up to ¾ inch thick. It can slice extra-large meat cuts or roast due to large tray capacity. It has a tilted food carriage that can hold 7 inches long food. This feature helps in fast and efficient slicing.

SAFETY FEATURES: The blade is deeper and not easy to reach. The food carriage covers the blade. This carriage is present in a locked position when the slicer is not in use. This protects from accidental injuries.

USAGE: This multipurpose blade is stated. Efficient enough to cut meat, cheese, and vegetables in fine thin slices.

CLEANING METHODS: The machine parts are easy to dismantle and wash. They are washable with simple soap and water. Food carriage tray, blades, food pushers all are easy to separate.

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT: Working voltage for this product is 120W. Product dimensions are 15.50 x 10.40 x 11.00 inches. It weighs around 11 pounds. There are no built-in sharpening tools present in it.

  • Do not produce noise
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Accommodate large-sized foods
  • Not very durable
  • Not safe to use
  • No built-in whetstone


If you are having trouble deciding which product is most suitable for you. We are here to help. We have designed a guide for the best meat slicer for jerky. Do not buy this product before having a complete tour of this guide. The following are some factors you should always consider before you buy a meat slicer.


The first and foremost characteristic of a useful product is a reasonable price. A more useful product with a lower price and more features always attracts a buyer. We suggest you buy a product which has more to offer at a lesser price. All the products we enlisted are in affordable price ranges. However, always consider that you get all the features you require in your device.


Meat slicers can be dangerous because they have sharp blades. These devices work with electricity. Always consider the safety level of the device you are buying. The slicer blades should not be exposed. There should be waterproof covering on switches and control panels. Remember that safety is the priority.


There are two main types of slicing machines. One of these is manual. These products require assistance and have hand-driven blades. These devices are not very helpful because they can make your work tiresome. Try to choose electronic products. These devices have motors that function with electricity. They are more useful and easier to use.


Always look for a machine with good blade quality. Nobody has time to remove blades and hone them now and then. Therefore, a meat slicer should have built-in whetstones or sharpeners. This feature will save you time and energy.


A machine should be easy to clean. You cannot leave your meat slicer uncleaned. It will provide a home to harmful bacteria. To keep your food healthy, buy a device easy to clean. You cannot spend excessive time on this chore. Choose the food slicers which have easy to remove parts. Always go for dishwasher-friendly options.


Your product should have low power consumption. This feature will prove economical in the long term. A low-power-consuming device is also safe to use. It lessens the chances of shock injuries to the user.


You should not buy a device that serves only one purpose of meat slicing. Many valuable options provide multiple functions at a reasonable price. Why choose low function costly devices. We have enlisted these devices. Look and decide what suits your requirements.


Consider the devices with a more metallic structure. A metal body is more durable because it will not break easily. Some products with plastic bodies are also durable. Try to take the machine having a warranty for parts. A metal structure is easier to clean. It also looks beautiful and attractive. Always chose a product that is helpful and easy to use.



A meat slicer can provide you more thin and fine slices as compared to a knife. Most of the slicers nowadays have non-stick blades. This feature makes them suitable for slicing other things as well. They are used to cut cheese, ham, and vegetables also. The slicing range of these meat slicers is 1 mm to many inches. They can make slices super thin as for jerky or thick as for patty burgers.


These machines are faster and time-saving. The blades rotate at a faster speed. Their rotations give slices of a selected size in the nick of time. You don’t have to work for hours with knives to make jerky slices. Therefore, these meat slicers save your time. They are an appropriate use of your money.


These meat slicers have blades that are guarded by the body. These bodies are either metallic or made up of plastic. They protect the slicer blades against rusting and protect you from injuries. They are safe to use. There are built-in whetstones. You don’t need to remove slicing blades and hone them now and then.


These meat slicers are useful for slicing other foods like fruits and vegetables. They make super-thin cheese slices that give delicious looks in burgers and other food. They are very economical and helpful devices for your kitchen.


Why should we buy a meat slicer?

A meat slicer is a crucial readiness machine in any business or private kitchen. With its multi-function nature, no big surprise why this uncompromising sliding machine has been generally utilized in meat shops and butcher shops for so long.

In addition to the fact that it allows you to abbreviate half of your preparation time when cutting meats, yet it can be likewise utilized to fill numerous different needs, for example, cutting thin cuts of organic products, vegetables, hard cheeses, and even bread.

So, having known all the beneficial things it brings to the table, why not get one of them right currently to upgrade your cooking involvement with home? I’m sure it will end up being your best amigo in the kitchen soon.

Which types of meat slicers are suitable for household use?

There are different sorts of meat slicers that work impeccably in a family kitchen. Keeping in mind that each has its qualities, we have chosen the most suitable items depending on our intensive tests and assessment. However, in general, the light-duty and standard duty devices are more suitable for household use.

How thick slices can be made by a meat slicer?

It relies a ton upon which sort of item you are utilizing. A manual slicer can cut the meat from 0.02 inches to 0.6 inches. An electric one can slice from 0.02 inch to 1 inch. An electric slicer has a broader slicing range.

Do we need to hone the blade edge?

To know whether your cutting blade edge needs honing, initially, you must look at what sort of your slicer is. You must sharpen the cutting blade edge that isn’t having an underlying sharpener. Then again, if the cutting edges already have a sharpener, there is no requirement for you to hone the meat slicer edge. It will automatically sharpen the cutting edge when required.

Would these meat slicers be able to cut the frozen meat?

A meat slicer will have the option to cut frozen and solidified meat. Be that as it may, a kind is needed to do this since slicing through frozen food isn’t a simple thing to do.

Ordinarily, you will require a strong blade that has a large cutting-edged blade. With electric meat slicers, the intensity of the engine ought to be in any event 250W for the machine to cut the frozen mean efficiently.

How would you Slice Meat Super Thin?

Put your meat in the refrigerator for a couple of hours early. At the point when you take it out, the frozen meat ought to have the option to bend, yet the layers do not overlap like it generally does. Cut the meat into slices of ideal thickness. This strategy works incredibly well for red meat.


Making a batch of jerky is a time taking and tiresome process. Especially if you are using those traditional methods and knives to do it. With all the verities present in the market, choosing a perfect meat slicer will always be challenging. A reliable meat slicer is the one that provides you your favorite meat cuts in no time. Here we have enlisted some best products to guide you through the journey of buying your favorite kitchen appliance. These products are going to be a helping hand for you.

My best pick is BESWOOD 250 Premium Electric Food Slicer. Aside from its efficiency in cutting meat, various attachments can enhance the cutting experience resulting in having the best meat jerky every time. Its compact size makes it easy to carry anywhere. The clamp-on design allows you to use it on most counter surfaces. The second-best on the list is KWS MS-10NT Premium Commercial Electric Meat Slicer. It is a very reliable and sturdy device. The third useful product is CUSIMAX Meat Slicer Electric Food Slicer. Using these devices, you can easily cut the roast into steaks, turkey into cutlets, chicken into chops, or frozen meat into jerky. So this is all about the best jerky meat slicer Hopefully, you will find soon what you are looking for. You can also read about the top waffle makers of 2021

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