Blazer grill Fire gun Reviews 2022

The grill blazer brand made a torch known as a grill gun.

Wanted to get blazer grill gunfire? But don’t know about its specifications. Here you go.

In this article, we will give you a detailed review of the blazer grill fire gun, its advantages, disadvantages, and its silent features.

The grill gun is the most fascinating BBQ invention. It is more attractive for the people who love to have a BBQ party in their yard every weekend. Adding this gun to their huge range of equipment will give their collection an elite specification.

With its enchanting look, the grill gun plays two of the most important functions that are

  • Lighten the charcoal
  • Sear the proteins.

Blazer grill Fire gun Reviews 2022

Features of grill gun by blazer grill:

Some important features of the grill gun by blazer grill that make it unique from the other grill guns are.

  • Have easy to grip and has holding handles.
  • Have standard size gas fitting
  • Safety valves are easy to see, that are bright red
  • Have gas bypass trigger system
  • Have a trigger ignition with one click.
  • Have a long barrel for extended reach.
  • The gun facilitates you with a fire bell to give the flame the directions.
  • Come with a folding stand to keep the gun upright.
  • Heat intensity is 400,000 BTUs.

When it comes to BBQ torches there are not many distinctive features among them. They all just slightly different from one another regarding their style, their heat intensity, and some other minor features.

The mechanics behind each grill gun is the same; all are made to sear proteins and to lighten charcoal.

Functions of grill gun by blazer grill:

Let’s talk about the functions in detail that are mentioned in the above paragraphs also.

  1. Lightning the charcoal:

It sounds familiar to the BBQ lovers that lightening the charcoal in the grill is never being too easy. It needs a lot of courage and determination to lighten the charcoal. And this procedure is time taking too.

The process of lightening the charcoal is the easiest with the invention of the grill gun. The simple procedure is just to rotate the red noob on one of the sides of the gun and turn the trigger ON; this will initiate the fireball to create fire. And in just 20-30 seconds a HUGE and literally means that huge flame of fire blows out from the end of the gun.

Now the question that arises here is whether it lightens up the charcoal in seconds also? And the answer is NO. It doesn’t lighten up the charcoal in seconds but just needs 2-3 three minutes to lighten the charcoal completely. This may get quicker if the charcoal is not covered.

But these 2-3 minutes is also much less time as compared to when we do the charcoal lightning manually with the match sticks or lighter.

  1. Searing proteins:

Let’s take the example of cooking the chicken wings with the grill gun. Making the chicken wings normally is an easy task to do. But if you have to add char in your buffalo wings, the grill gun is a good option to go with.

Make the delicious wings first and then treat them with two laps of the BBQ torch. And here your char BBQ buffalo wings are ready to eat. MOUTH FILLED WITH Water? MINE TOO.

These are spicy, sticky, charcoal, and sweet. That is they are PERFECT.

Working of grill gun by blazer grill:

To lighten the charcoal with the grill gun,

  • First, clean the grill from the remaining grease and other leftovers that remain on it when you use it for the last time with some clean cloth.
  • Sometimes the old grease can be removed by burning it on the flame.
  • Now add small pieces of charcoal to the grill.
  • Place the grilling tray over the charcoal pieces.
  • Now light the BBQ torch ON.
  • Bath the charcoal with the heavy flame of the grill gun it catches the fire.
  • The smaller particles catch the fire more quickly than the bigger particles.
  • Strat the lighting process from one end and continue to move to the other end making all the charcoals on fire.

While lighting the charcoals keep aware of the fact that some of the tiny particles of the charcoal will get energy from the fire and will come out of the grill. These will may come to your skin, clothes, and other flammable objects and get them burnt.

Take precautions while lightening.

Pros and cons of using the grill gun by blazer grill:

Every instrument or equipment that we use has some pros and cons associated with its usage.

Here we discuss the pros and cons of using the grill gun in detail.


Here are some pros of using the device.

  • It sears the food very quickly and efficiently.
  • Lightens the charcoal within the grill very quickly.
  • Rises the temperature of the time in a short period.
  • Have a very high heat intensity that 400,000BTUs.
  • The device has a huge conversation starter.
  • It is compatible with any gas bottle that is available in the hardware store.
  • It looks cool to hold in hand.


Not as much as the pros, but some cons of using the grill gun are

  • Have a polarized design that is not favorite of all.

The grill gun in a glance:

Let’s talk about the machine’s first impression.

Let’s Not beat around the bush much let’s just come to the point. The device looks like a gun. And now this all depends on you how you perceive guns. If you are scared of the guns or you happen to get them accidentally on your head during a robbery or misshape like that then this devise is not made for, you will be very repellent of this.

But wait, what about the ones who grew up watching the crazy action movies and always wanted to be that hero who shows up his gun and all the enemies get away from him. If you are fond of this kind of enthusiasm then the device is made for. Once you buy it you will use it with all your excitement I assure you that.

The gun is made of metal without having too much weight. It is reliable, not difficult to carry. It is an elite option to have.

Why we need a grill gun:

Here are some important parameters why we must have a grill gun in our kitchen accessories.

Fun using: It’s fun using a gill gun. It is lightweight, easily handleable. The most satisfying thing about the device is its causes the material to catch fire quickly. Its flame is so high to astonish you.

Minimizing time: The grill gun is minimizing the cocking time. Before the arrival of this device whenever you host a BBQ party after the arrival of all your friends you have to wait for the grill to catch the fire and then you can start cooking.

With the grill gun, it’s never going to happen again. Your friends have arrived, just turn the knob on and lighten the grill in just 2 to 3 minutes, and you all ready to cook.

Making healthy food to have: Now with the grill gun in your hand, you don’t have to sprinkle propanol on the food to get char flavor. Just pass your food with the two laps of the grill gun and the food is ready with the char flavored without getting burned.

Feeling of happiness: Once you get indulged with the device and start enjoying it you will feel good every time you use it. You will try to use it again and again. This kind of charisma this device has. This can attract its owner towards it.


Customer reviews:

Let’s have brief look at what the customer of the blazer gun says about the device.

Eric Sundby says on the grill blazer website that. It is the best device to have if you frequently play with fire. Like if you lighten the charcoals frequently, burns the trash of yard a day every week. This device is a must to have in your home.

Another buyer of the blazer grill Daug Tice reviews it in his good words. He says that the use of the blazer grill makes his BBQ experience more exciting. He added that he was using the regular propane torches before the blazer grill. Their flames were so narrow that they did not sear the meat uniformly even. The purchase of the bill glazer vanish this problem. It properly sears the meat from its every corner. It also lightens the charcoal so quickly that no a like device can do in this little time.

Many other fiver stars and four-star reviews are given by the customer for this wonderful device.


How long a grill should be heated before cooking?

The ideal time for preheating a grill is 15 minutes. This time is best for maximum searing you want to have on your meat without getting burned.

If you are cooking a dish that is to cook on low heat then the average time of preheating recommended is 10 minutes.

Can I relight my BBQ coal?

The obvious answer is yes, you can relight the BBQ coal once you have used it. It is advisable to reuse the coal every time you are going to have BBQ dinner in your yard. Continue reusing it until it changes into ash.

It is to note that as you reuse the coal the quantity in the grill decreases gradually then you have to replenish your grill with some new coal too. That is now filled with a mixture of old and new coals.

And the interesting thing here is old coals lighten more quickly than the new coals that are never used once.

How to properly connect the propane bottle with the blazer grill?

The blazer grill is not like the usual BBQ torches. It is a very high-intensity flame-throwing device. The connectivity with the propane bottle can affect the efficiency of the gun.

  • First, de pressure the gun by removing the propane bottle properly.
  • Now keep the knob close and attach the propane bottle with the gun by keeping the gun in a vertical position.
  • If you keep the gun in a horizontal position so that of the propane bottle the propane will going to flow in that direction and the flame when gets ON doesn’t reach its maximum limit. Or the flame will get shorten.
  • To clear the problem, remove the propane bottle, depressurize the gun and again attach it by keeping the gun in a vertical position.

At what position I should keep the flame of the blazer grill while cooking the meat?

Don’t place the flame on the meet in an upright position. Rather inclined the gun towards the meat and turn on the gun and slowly move the flame over the meat.

If you move harshly the flame may not remain consistent it sometimes gets so high and sometimes so low. This happens because with the gun the propane bottle is also moving harshly and so that of the propane in the bottle.

Try to use the device as soft as you can.



Now, let’s end the detailed discussion here, and give it a brief conclusion.

The blazer grill is a very wonderful device to have if you are fond of things like having a soothing BBQ party in your home. If you a person who is willing to go with the exceptional thing then this is a must-have thing for you.

In comparison to the other normal propane torches, the blazer grill has a very high-intensity flame. It is made of metal and is really lightweight. These qualities make it distinctive from the other propane torches.

Before using a blazer grill must go through its manual because the device is other able dangerous.

Thank you for reading this article. If you like the article let us know in the comment section below.

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