Commercial kitchen equipment in Pakistan in 2022

Commercial kitchens are in heavy demand. It is now compulsory for every Pakistani eatery to maintain the hygiene of their commercial kitchen and hygiene is only possible when one maintained the cleanliness and proper alignment of the commercial equipment. If you are also looking for the necessary kitchen equipment that you need in your commercial Pakistani kitchen then you are browsing on the right page. Let’s discover the equipment we need for a commercial kitchen in Pakistan.

A kitchen without its necessary equipment can’t be called a kitchen. The definition of the kitchen will be full filled when it has all of its necessary equipment in working condition.

Commercial kitchen equipment in Pakistan in 2022

The most common commercial types of equipment that are necessary for every kind of commercial kitchen are,

  • Food processors
  • Mixers
  • Slicers
  • Food preparing counters
  • Freezers and refrigerators
  • Safety equipment
  • Counters and cutting boards
  • Storage racks and shelves.
  • Storage tanks
  • Sinks
  • Steam tables
  • Washing equipment
  • Ice makers
  • Gas or electrical grills

The above pieces of equipment are common in every type of kitchen other are specialized equipment that will depend on the restaurant for which the kitchen is working. And this will also depend on the kitchen layout.

Commercial kitchen layouts:

A commercial kitchen layout can determine the efficiency of your work in the kitchen and directly the quality of the kitchen that you will produce while working in staying that layout. The commercial kitchens are different are in their layouts and these can be

  • Assembly line layout
  • Island layout
  • Galley layout
  • Open kitchen layout

Assembly line layout:

This is the most common and most widely used layout these days for a commercial kitchen.

The working station starts with the food preparing area and ends at the ready-to-serve item. In between these two stations lies the garnishing and platting stations. These kinds of layouts are best for restaurants that have a similar type of cooking process for every dish they have in their restaurant menu.

Island layout: In the island layout, the cooking station is built in the center of the kitchen, and the other stations like the washing station, cutting stations, etc. surround the cooking station.

Galley kitchen layout: In the galley kitchen layout each station is precisely made in a specific area and the kitchen pieces of equipment are placed along the wall in a parallel direction.

Open kitchen layout: Open kitchen layout is one in which the whole process of the cooking can be seen by the customers that otherwise took place at the back end and not visible to the customers.

For assurance of the customer’s safety, it is important to hold the hot equipment away from the kitchen space.

Buying the equipment for the commercial kitchen:

Once you have decided the type and the layout of your commercial kitchen and also finalize the equipment that you need for your kitchen now it’s time to set the parameters for buying those types of equipment

Keep in mind the following points while buying a piece of equipment for your commercial kitchen.

Quality: The first parameter you have to take in mind is the quality of the equipment you are buying. Equipment you buy can be used one or can be brand new but in both cases the quality matters. When buying brand new equipment must investigate the supplier, the brand of the equipment and the reviews of that supplier, and things like that.

If you are buying used equipment then must check its condition, whether all the parts are working well or not, and comply with your needs or don’t.

Pricing: Pricing is the most important parameter while buying a piece of equipment. Firstly go for the types of equipment that are highly needed for your kitchen keep the additional for the last. Once you selected the particular equipment of a particular brand must analyze the amount you paying is worth giving for that equipment or not. Select the equipment that can do multiple tasks in one place like the combination oven. These kinds of practices can save some cash in place which will in long term give a benefit.

Maintenance: Whichever type of equipment you are going to buy first make sure that equipment will provide ease to your worker, it will be easy to operate and give no complexities. The complex and difficult to handle equipment can affect your working efficiency. Likewise, the equipment must be easy to clean. The most important question associated with the food preparation is the hygiene of the customers associated with that food. So keep the cleanliness perspective in your mind too while buying a piece of equipment.

Restaurant kitchen planner:

If you are completely new to this business or want a fresh start from the scratch it is advisable to hire a kitchen planner for your commercial kitchen. By giving the planner the understating of your kitchen that is explaining the type of kitchen that you want for your restaurant. You will get some professional results from the planner that makes equipment buying easy for you.


From the above discussion, we concluded that buying equipment for your commercial kitchen is the only easy thing to do when you are clear with your restaurant type and its layout. Once it is cleared a variety of kitchen equipment is waiting for you in the market. Mostly the pieces of equipment are the same for every kind of restaurant you want to run there is just the addition of two to three pieces of equipment when changing a restaurant type that is from fast food to Chinese type restaurant.

Buying quality equipment in our price range is the main task to do.

In my opinion, if you can afford the best thing you can do for making your business successful is to hire a kitchen planner who can give you all the detailed briefing that you want for buying the best equipment you need for your kitchen according to your desired kitchen layout and design.

Hopefully, this article will solve some of your curies concerning which equipment you have to buy while planning a commercial kitchen in Pakistan. If you find our article helpful let us know in the comment section below. It will be highly appreciated.

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