How does a rice cooker work (Complete guide)

Is rice cooker worth buying? And you don’t know how to operate a rice cooker then we are here to answer all your questions about how does the rice cooker work.

Rice cooker or rice steamer in modern days is an automated kitchen appliance. It typically consists of a heat bowl, a thermostat, and a heat source.

If you also belong to America, South Asia, or Africa you must have rice in your place at least twice a day. Almost 3.5 billion people eat rice as a staple food around the world. And knowing the importance of rice as food for the billions of people in the world the rice cooker is invented so that people can take advantage of that rice cooker and have a perfect grain of rice on their plate every day they want.

How does the rice cooker work?

Everyone has cooked the rice manually without the rice cooker it needs constant attention otherwise rice gets overcooked or gets crunchy.

It’s annoying!

Let’s make the rice with the rice cooker so we have a perfect plate of rice for the dinner.

  1. To make the rice in the rice cooker fill the cooking bowl with 2:1 of water and rice.
  2. Turns ON the switch on the rice cooker.
  3. Here the working of the thermostat stars and heating element continues to transfer heat to the aluminum cooking pot in which the water and rice are added.
  4. The thermostat sets the temperature up to which the water and rice boils.
  5. The bottom of the aluminum bowl can heat up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit.
  6. Once the water starts steaming the steam reaches the rice grains and in that way, the rice grains absorb moisture and gelatinize.
  7. At a certain temperature when the rice cooker knows that the rice is done then it automatically shuts off.
  8. And rice is ready to eat.

The time required to make rice in the rice cooker:

In general, the rice cooker needs only 15 minutes to give you a perfectly cooked rice you can have for your dinner or lunch with the assorted veggies, seasoned beef, or some spicy sauce on your plate.

If you go deep in the working of the rice cooker for different rice varities the cooking temperature differs a little bit. Here are some examples to show.

Type of grain

Water to rice ratio

Time required

Wild rice

21/2 cups water : 2 cups rice

45-50 minutes

Long grain brown rice

21/2 cups water: 1 cups rice

45-50 minutes

Jasmine rice

11/2 cups water: 2 cups rice

15-20 minutes

Basmati rice

11/2 cups water : 1 cups rice

15-20 minutes

Parboiled rice

2 cups water: 2 cups rice

20-25 minutes

Long grain white rice

13/4 cups water: 1 cups rice

15 minutes

Short grain white rice

11/2 cups water :1 cups rice

15 minutes

Ancient ways of cooking rice:

People are eating rice for ages even when the rice cooker was not invented people also made rice for their healthy living. It was a laborious task to make rice without the rice cooker.

People made rice by placing a heavy earthenware pot on the burning woods and make rice in that heavy pot by boiling and steaming, by applying different methods. This process requires a lot of energy, time, and experience to make rice.

Modern rice cooker:

With the evaluations in the rice cooker from the heavy earthenware pots, we came along to the lightweight durable and even portable rice cooker in the market. It is a small and smart appliance heaving the main body with a cooking pot inside, and a thermostat that controls the temperature and has a heating element to transfer heat to the rice required for cooking.

Types of rice cookers:

There are two types of rice found in the market. That is the difference is in their connectivity.

These two types are

Electrical rice cooker; this type of rice cooker works with the fluctuating magnetic field that fluctuates around the cell. This fluctuating magnetic field creates current around the boiling pot which produces quicker heat.

Gas rice cooker; the gas rice cookers have significantly greater demand in the market than the electrical gas cooker. This type of rice cooker doesn’t come with an electrical power source but has to fuel gas source from the external ways for its working.

Electrical rice cooker

Gas rice cooker

The electrical rice cooker is slower than the gas rice cooker.

The gas rice cooker has an external burning flame that heats the boiling pot faster than the electrical rice cooker.

The electrical rice cooker Often leads to uneven cooking of the batch of rice.

You can have a perfect batch of cooked rice in the gas rice cooker.

The electrical gas cooker Comes with a microwave feature to make the rice hot even when it is completely cooked.

The electrical gas cooker Comes with a microwave feature to make the rice hot even when it is completely cooked.

Extended uses of rice cooker:

Where you find ease in making rice with a rice cooker it can also perform many other functions for you which people don’t know and they don’t even dare to try.

Here I came with some of the extended use of rice cooker

Steamed vegetables: Some rice cooker comes with a separate steam pot which is perfect for making steam vegetables. And in that, you can also make chicken breasts, tofu, and shrimps, etc.

Poached fruits: Make poached fruits in your rice cooker, a healthy and delicious dessert even topped with maple sauce and ready to be a part of your meal.

Soups: With a good amount of liquid and plenty of time you can make soups and stews in your rice cooker or steamer.

Pros and cons of using rice cooker:

Everything comes with its pros and cons so here we have some for our rice cookers.


Cooks the rice automatically; while working with a rice cooker you don’t have to fuss over as you have done when working with usual pots and pans for making rice. Once you added the calculated ratio of water and rice in the rice cooker you are done with your duty the rice cooker does the rest of the task. When the cooking will get completed it automatically shuts off.

Keep your rice warm; most of the modes of the rice offer a warming feature that will keep your rice warm as long as they remain in the pot of the rice cooker after they are cooked.

Easy to clean: although there are some exceptions most rice cookers offer components that are safe to place in the dishwasher. These components can be washed in the usual ways like the other utensils with the dishwasher.

Have extended uses; other than rice cooking rice cooker can also do multiple functions when properly handled. Marinating temperature and water ratios you can cook a lot of many other things as we have discussed earlier on the top.


It May did not turn off; besides having the automatic turn-off feature the cooker may not turn off due to some functional disabilities. This can overcook or even burn the rice too. 

Nonstick feature; in the rice cookers, the boiling pot is made of non-stick material which means that you have to be careful while scooping the rice out. If you scooped the rice with the metal utensil it may cause damage to the nonstick layer on the pot and afterward, you will face a bad cooking experience. And sometimes a little strange taste in the rice too.

Bottom burned rice; the bottom layer of the rice will get burned. It is good to stir the rice in the cooker every 2-3 minutes so that the bottoms will never get burned. You will have the perfectly cooked rice on your plate.


After having that long discussion on the rice cooker it is now time to conclude the discussion.

With the evaluation of the rice cookers, they are becoming fancy and easier to use the latest ones comes with many different useable features like that of the warming of cooked rice.

If you are a rice lover or use rice as a staple then you must go for the modern type of rice cooker. These cookers are easy to use and are useful in this time of hustle-bustle where you find the time the most important of thing among all others and don’t want to waste it just by giving fuss to those damn boiling of rice in the water and want to do multiple tasks in one time.

Now it’s time for you to decide whether you want a modern rice cooker or not and which is more preferred by your kind of work and eating habits.

I hope this article is helpful for you if are also planning to buy a rice cooker for adding value to your kitchen and trying to experience some new technologies in town. You want to learn about more kitchen appliances let us know in the comment section below. It will be profoundly valued.

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