How to Build an Outdoor kitchen with Metal Studs ( Easy Steps)

You are among those who love organizing barbeque parties in your backyards. Are you looking for making an outdoor kitchen with metal studs? So, stop and keep reading this article we will help you in building an outdoor kitchen with metal studs. And enjoy your grilling and barbeque parties with friends and families.

Building an outdoor kitchen is a DIY task that requires proper attention and measurements. But nothing is impossible in this world once you start it nothing can stop you. What you have to do is follow the steps explained below and gather all the things require and start making from the base. You will love doing it.

Why it is preferred to use metal? Before starting it comes to your mind which material you should use. Why use metal why not wood or concrete. As building an outdoor kitchen you must keep in mind it has to face the environment’s harsh conditions. So wood or PVC cannot work properly or prevent environmental harm. So it is preferable to build an outdoor kitchen with metal studs. Metal is durable and portable too.

How to Build an Outdoor Kitchen with Metal Studs

Are you excited to build your outdoor kitchen with metal studs? So don’t waste your time just go through the article and get to your work.

Step 1: Make a plan: Before you start building or get the tools from the market. First of all right down all the dimensions of the tools or kitchenware you want to install in your outdoor kitchen.  If you want to install a sink, fridge, oven, griller, etc. You must know the exact dimensions and a clear image. Make a rough diagram including dimensions.

For this purpose, you can check different catalogs offered by different hardware suppliers. Or the best option is to ask some expert to overlook your plan. An experienced worker can explain it to you more effectively.

Step 2: Buy the tools: Once you have made the image in your mind and make an idea of dimensions. Now it is time to get into the market and gather all the required tools for your project. If your budget doesn’t allow you to buy it don’t panic! Just get from the specialized rental store and get your task done. The tools you must have,

  • Chalk box or chalk powder
  • Clamps
  • Screw gun
  • Level
  • Hammer drill
  • Metal cut-on saw
  • A laser level or plumb bob
  • Fasteners

The things you must buy are metal studs and tracks also known as steel plates.

Metal Studs and Tracks:

You must know how many metal studs you require for your kitchen frame. Normally people use a metal stud every 12 inches. So buy the metal studs according to your kitchen dimensions and size.

The steel plates are also known as the tracks are used for making the base and top of the kitchen so you must buy them also.

Step 3: Screw in the tracks: For building in the kitchen use chalk to mark the limits for your studs and tracks. You can use chalk if you are working on the floor or chalk powder if it is not a floor to see the area you will need. Now you should start by screwing in the lower tracks. First of all drill the hole into the stud and track.  These are bigger to supports the weight of the entire project and now position the lower tracks. These tracks can overlap after 6 inches for longer straighter paths. Flatten the flange of the track at the corners and let the overlapping easily into its place. Fasten them with a screw.

Step 4: Plumb the Tracks: This is the most crucial step in building the kitchen. The upper and lower tracks are most important. How your projects can be durable if the base is not right. So, you need a plumb bob, or a laser level to plumb the upper and lower tracks. Plum bob and laser level work pretty much in the same way. But many experts prefer using laser level so if you use a laser level place it in the middle bottom for efficient results.

Step 5: Adjust the Studs: At this point in the task you need to adjust the studs according to your installation plan of different utensils in the kitchen. You must cut from the same end for electrical or plumbing installations. For cutting of studs, you can use straight cut aviation snips, or if you want to complete your task quicker than you can use metal cutting blades. But make sure before using these sharp materials you have taken all the precautionary measures to protect your hands. Use clamps, locking plier to join the studs to tracks.

Step 6: Construct metal headers:  Once you are done with the frame. No cut the tracks to a length that is at least 2 inches more than the width of the head. Make sure that each flange has a length of at least 2.5 cm. Then bend the tracks perpendicularly 90° with metal locking pliers. These metalheads can be used for accessories.

Step 7: Give a finishing to your kitchen: in this step just finalize everything. The main task is done you are done with the frame. Now it’s your choice you may put concrete on the frame to make it more durable and resistant to other materials. You can use wood panels but it is not preferable. It is not much resistant and durable yet the cheapest option.

You can run secure electrical cables with plastic flanges for your electrical appliances. Adding doors to your outdoor kitchen underneath s your choice. The best option is to use steel doors.

Moving towards the last step is to add the countertops and veneer. You can add according to your choice giving the perfect touch to your outdoor kitchen. Make sure that you choose the hefty countertop as it is an outdoor kitchen.


So, wrapping it up as said before nothing is impossible in this world once you will start no one can stop you. Building an outdoor kitchen with a metal stud is a challenging task yet it is a rewarding DIY task. You will discover this article helpful. If you have any other queries related to your kitchen let us know in the comment section below. It will be highly appreciated.

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