How to Cut Frozen Meat ( 3 easy Ways)

Cooking tender and flavorsome meat comes at the cost of extensive planning. Washing and marinating are tasks difficult enough, and cutting them turns into another issue. Particularly with regards to frozen meat cutting, it is a cumbersome task. If you are looking at how to cut frozen meat, you have come to the right place.  Slicing through frozen meat is a hectic task when you are going to do fast-paced cooking. This article is the solution for all those days when you are in a hurry to cook food, but the meat does not defrost. When you want to use half of the chunk, but you must defrost all of it. Using these simple techniques, you can defrost your meat cut, and slice it up in no time. Here is a complete guide about how to cut frozen meat.

How to Cut Frozen Meat


There are many ways to slice up frozen meat. Some of them are explained in detail as follows:


If you want to cook faster but the meat is frozen. A high-quality meat slicing knife can act as the hero here. Try to choose a heavy-duty knife with serrated edges. It will give more grip to your cutting knife. You can also use a meat cleaver. These knives are useful for cutting boned meat as well. These blades can chop the cuts like chicken bosoms, frankfurters, or tenderloins. On the other hand, you can likewise slash the frozen meat with a butcher’s knife but, it tends to be riskier if the edge slips. Read the following instructions carefully:

  • Soften the meat under cold running water for some time.
  • Sanitize your counter or cutting board, hands, and your knife before the process.
  • Hold the meat cut firmly on the cutting board with your non-dominant hand.
  • Cut the meat slowly with the help of a serrated knife. If you are using a cleaver, whack through the meat chunk forcefully.
  • Make sure you hold the knife at a correct angle to avoid any accidents.


If you need to slice through rick hard solidified food, an Electric Food Slicer is the best approach. There are many reliable multipurpose food slicers available in the market. Utilizing a standard blade works best for flimsy cuts of boneless meat. We do not recommend that you cut hard bones with them. You can use them with the following instructions.

  • Read the user guide of the machine thoroughly.
  • Plug in the electric cord and turn on the machine.
  • Place the meat cut in the food container and hold it with a grip holder.
  • Keep your hands and fingers away from the cutting blade.
  • Push the electric knife through the frozen meat.
  • Rotate the piece of meat if cute is not in proper shape.
  • You can easily cut the large piece by rotating it several times.


It is a large-sized saw-like cutter. It is usually a cranky device to use but, it can be helpful if you want to cut boned meat. Do not touch this saw without wearing a safety glove. The sharp edge can cut through your hand. Keep it covered when not in use.

  • Wear the safety gloves on your hands.
  • Hold the meat cut firmly on the cutting board.
  • Make sure your fingers are not in the area you are planning to cut.
  • Place the cutting edge of the saw on the chunk.
  • Pull it back and forth many times to cut bones and hard meat chunks.
  • Try changing the side if you find it difficult to cut.
  • This method is helpful yet requires more force than other methods.


Freezing the meat is similarly crucial to shield it from getting spoilt. In this case, no regular blade or meat slicer can slice through it. There are a few meat slicers, particularly implied for frozen meat. These machines are durable and easy to use. If you try to cut a frosted meat chunk, the knife will slip off, and you are more likely to cut yourself. Following these simple steps, you can thaw frozen meat efficiently.

DEFROST USING WATER: The initial step is to defrost the meat. Put the frozen meat into some water until it turns out to be soft. It is an essential step even though some slicers can cut hard rock meat. It is, in every case, better to defrost it to stay away from any mishaps. Water will defrost the meat cuts and help release them up further. After this defrosting, you can cut it into pieces without any problem. Just ensure that you remove all the bones before you run it through the slicer.

MICROWAVE THE MEAT: On the off chance that you don’t need running water to loosen up. A straightforward, time-saving method can be to microwave it. This strategy is a lot quicker and way more proficient. Microwave your meat in defrost mode. Many microwaves have this built-in mode. If not, you can likewise utilize the standard microwave mode to warm it until defrosted. Ensure you don’t use the cooking highlight for a long time as it can over-cook the meat during genuine cooking. You will have your defrosted meat, which you can then effectively cut through the slicer.

THAWING WITH METAL POT:  If you are in a great hurry, we have a conventional hack for you.  Just place your frozen meat in a plastic bag and seal it. Place the fixed pack on a sheet and defrost in a pot of water. The temperature of the water must be kept at room temperature so as not to over soften the meat. Place this metal pot on the steaks of the meat straighten out between the sheets.


Can we cut frozen meat with a meat slicer?

We do not suggest that you cut the completely frozen meat with a meat slicer. The meat cut coming straight out of the freezer is very hard. It can damage the blades. The slices will not be perfect as well. If you want to use a meat slicer, it would be easier if you thaw or defrost the meat first.

How should I defrost the meat?

Preferably, frozen meat must cover and defrost for the time being in a reasonable holder, for example, a plate or dish, in the cooler. For large-sized meat cuts, it may take longer than one night. Allow the meat to stay one day for every 5 pounds of weight. Be cautious while defrosting crude meat. Make sure that the dribble doesn’t contaminate cooked foods.


Cutting frozen meat can be a backbreaking task. To help you ease the process, we have explained all the necessary steps. Follow these straightforward steps to cut your meat chunks efficiently in smaller slices. These steps ensure that it remains alright to cook flawlessly! A decent slicer will make the activity a lot simpler in any case, when you remember these easy tips. Make sure you choose the right gadget and the correct method to do the work.

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