How to Defrost Icemaker? ( EASY STEPS)

Ice makers are a modern extravagance feature installed in every new model of refrigerator. An assortment of ice maker models is available in the market including a Built-in icemaker, Portable ice maker, Commercial ice maker. Icemakers produce ice cubes instantly. Ice maker systems are usually iced over due to long-term use. So we need to defrost the ice maker for its appropriate functioning.

You don’t need to fill the tray of water and wait until water out into the ice cubes. Icemakers will give you ice cubes in a flash. And enjoy ice cubes at any time of the day. But the working of ice makers is not as simple. So you need to keep a check.

Your ice maker is not making uniform ice cubes because some parts are frozen. You want to defrost your ice maker. Don’t worry! You are in right place. Just go through this article and thaw your icemakers. And enjoy your fresh produce ice cubes obtained from your icemakers.

How to Defrost Icemaker 2021

Sometimes icemakers stop producing fresh and uniform ice cubes. One of the most common reasons is that the ice-making fill tube is frozen or that your ice maker system is iced over. This is an incredibly common problem. Here are the two simplest methods two defrost your ice maker. It is simply a DIY task. You don’t need any services from the company just follow the below mentioned simple steps.

Defrost icemaker with a hairdryer:

Step 1: Unplug the refrigerator: Before doing work makes sure that you unplug the refrigerator. Turn off your water supply line. Then get into the work.

Step 2: Place the towel below your ice maker machine: Place the towel below the ice maker machine so that when you defrost the icemaker machine the water may not get into the other products present in the refrigerator.

Step 3: Use a hairdryer to defrost your machine: Know Turn on your hair dryer at low speed and point it on the ice maker machine and defrost all the ice present on it. Not only this ice, locate the fill tube. The fill tube is attached to the water supply line which often gets frozen and needs to be thawed. To supply the regular water supply for making the uninformed size ice cubes. So, locate this fill tube and point your hairdryer at this fill tube and melt it. Dry any water by using the towel as the frost melts.

Step 4: Plug in the refrigerator and enjoy fresh ice cubes: Now turn on your water supply line and plug in the refrigerator and enjoy your fresh ice cubes.

Defrost ice maker with hot water:

Step 1: Unplug the refrigerator: Same as mentioned above before doing any cleaning or repair of the refrigerator make sure that you unplug the refrigerator.  Before defrosting make sure that you unplug for 15 minutes before so it will be easy to defrost.

Step 2: Empty your refrigerator: Empty a particular part of the refrigerator to defrost your ice maker machine. Water can spoil your food products in the refrigerator. So it is advised to clear your space. If you are not comfortable with emptying the refrigerator you can place any deep tray to catch the water.

Step 3: Use hot water to defrost: For this, you need a small cup of hot water or buster it’s your choice. Pour a small amount of hot water over the icemaker and the fill tube to melt the ice.

Step 4: Plug in the refrigerator: After defrosting the ice. Dry water by using the towel as the frost melts. Plugin the refrigerator and always place your foodstuff back after 15 minutes of plugging in the refrigerator.

Why do icemakers freeze up? : An icemaker is comprised of various parts and each has its usefulness. Each part is fundamental to the general exhibition of the ice maker. Icemakers generally freeze up due to certain reasons explained below,

Frozen Fill tube: Frozen fill tubes is connected to the water supply line. It helps in the uniform supply of water for the production of ice cubes. This often freezes you have to remove the icemaker to check it. If this part of the ice maker is frozen then thaw it by using a hairdryer or a cup of hot water.

Faulty water inlet valve: The water inlet valve is the main piece of any icemaker for the uniform supply of water to obtain the ice cubes. Sometimes this water inlet valve goes bad and overfills the ice cube tray. So you need to check this to avoid facing this problem again.

Freezer temperature setting: Temperature setting is the most common cause of over iced icemakers. The freezer temperature is below 0°C. Your temperature setting is causing the icemaker to freeze. So you can adjust it. You should adjust it according to the instruction manual that comes with every model.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will defrosting my icemaker make it start producing ice?

Sometimes, icemakers are overly iced and stop producing ice. This is one of the common reasons you may face. Once you defrost your ice maker most probably it will start producing ice again. But if after thawing your ice maker is still not working then go for the other checks.

Why does my ice have a bad odor?

Bad odor or taste in your ice is due to the filter paper. So, you need to change it. Generally, you should need to change it after every 6 months. Or If the ice is old dump the old ice and makes the fresh ice.

You can also read the guide about resetting the whirlpool ice maker.

Final Thoughts:

Defrosting an ice maker is a basic DIY task. You don’t need any technical expertise for this task and pay heavy bills for their services. We have clarified step by step the defrosting of ice makers. Just follow either of the above-mentioned methods and again enjoy your all-time favorite fresh and uniform ice cubes. Tell us your experiences and school of thought in the comment section below. It will be profoundly valued.

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