How to fix a gurgling kitchen sink(Easy Fixes)

The kitchen sink is essential and the busiest system installed in every kitchen. When you drain the sink and heard the sound of gurgling it indicates that your pipeline is facing a vent problem. If it is left untreated it may lead to serious issues. Here we will give you a complete guide about how to fix a gurgling kitchen sink.

Sometimes the issue is serious and you need professional help but most of the time these little issues can be solved at home by just using some plumbing skills and tools. Which can save money and time. Here is a complete guide that will help you fix a gurgling kitchen sink.

How to fix a gurgling kitchen sink

Clogged drain pipes Solutions: Kitchen sinks are used for the washing either the washing of fruits and vegetables during food preparation or washing dishes after meals. The debris entrapped on these flows from the sink when drained and may accumulate in the drainpipe. Once it is accumulated it causes the obstruction and air bubbles to get entrapped around it and causes the strange gurgling noise. This clogging most often causes partial blockage and  If this obstruction and accumulation are left untreated it may later lead to an unpleasant odor. To overcome such issues you can follow the simple steps provided by this guide.

  • Use of chemical solution
  • Use baking soda, vinegar, and hot water

Chemical Solution: The cost-effective method of clearing the accumulated drain is to buy a chemical solution that is effective against the obstruction. This solution contains toxic chemicals that clear the food or other debris. But be careful while handling such toxic chemicals as they are injurious for your skin. Keep these chemicals out of range of children and animals too.

Baking soda, vinegar, and hot water: As mentioned it is a DIY task. You can do it at home. You can also give it a try by using the things available at home. As clogging of the drainpipe is most often a partial blockage. For this sprinkle the baking soda in the draining pipe and left it for few minutes and now pour vinegar and wait until foaming is done now pour the hot water. This method will clear your drain pipe and remove the accumulated stuff in the pipe.

Blocked Vent Pipe Solution: The pipes under the kitchen sinks are interconnected. The vent pipe is connected with the drain pipe. The purpose of a vent pipe is to ventilate the gases produced during the draining process. This vent most often open to the roof. If a vent pipe is blocked due to any reason such as specks of dirt, nesting material of the birds or leaves, etc this will lead to the annoying gurgling sound and can be treated by just thorough cleaning of the opening of the vent pipe or check if there is any damage in the vent pipe or replace it.

Solution for the inappropriate or incorrect installation system: The hard-luck is you have just installed a new kitchen sink and drain system and you heard an annoying gurgling noise. Here you may face issues due to the installation by any unprofessional plumber. Some unprofessional plumber doesn’t understand the proper layout draining system such as P-trap, Interconnections, and routes of pipes.  In this regard, you should have to go for diagnosis by professional plumbers and fix this issue as soon as possible because if you didn’t rectify it may disturb the whole draining system.

Why my sink is gurgling?

You have to access the root causes of the annoying gurgling sound.  Then you need to fix those issues.

The common causes of irritating gurgling heard in the kitchen sink are as follow,

  • Clogged drain pipe
  • Blocked vent pipe
  • Inappropriate installation of the drain system

Clogged drain pipes: Sinks in the kitchen are used for dishwashing or fruits and vegetable washing. Even you remove the garbage before dishwashing still some debris adhered to the dishes which accumulates in the drainpipe which entraps the air bubble and became one of the major causes of irritating gurgling noise. So you need to clean the drain pipes to fix a gurgling kitchen sink.

Blocked vent pipe: When you install a sink in the kitchen the vent pipe is attached to the drainpipe which allows the ventilation of the sew gas produce during the working. This vent leads to the roof from where it vents out of the roof. This vent pipe gets block sometimes because it is not cleaned regularly or due to leaves or birds’ nesting material. 

Inappropriate installation of the drain system: If you are facing a problem in the newly installed drain system and heard a pesky gurgling noise. This issue is most probably due to the incorrect installation of the drain system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why my sink gurgles over time?

The main problem you face in the kitchen is the gurgling noise. If you are not following the garbage disposal step before taking dishes or other kitchen utensils to the sink this might be a great reason for causing the disturbance and forming clogs through your drain pipe. So you should follow the garbage disposal step and use hot water for draining the sink once a day to avoid clogging.

Why drain is fine and the sink is gurgling?

Sometimes the kitchen sink drain is fine and you hear the gurgling sound this is due to the basic reason that there is air in the pipe. There should not any air in the drainpipe system. Provide the air proper exit passage.


In conclusion, If you hear a gurgling noise you should clear the partial blockage instead if not treated on time may lead to complete blockage and produce a pungent smell. the strange gurgling sound you experience due to the negligence in washing the dishes and other utensils during or after food preparation. You should avoid washing the dishes or utensils heavily contaminated or greased with oil. And you must pour hot water after the draining of the sink. This guide might help you in finding the best solution for fixing the strange gurgling sound. You can also read about the best masticating juicers 2021 here.

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