How to light the Char-broil portable Gas grill ( Complete guide)

You are a foodie also? The people who love to eat food are mostly oriented towards having a gas grill in their home and try to use it most frequently. These days eating grilled food has become the new trend because the grilled food is healthy and keeps you maintain your body weight because it contains almost a little fat.

The char-broil portable gas grill is made for the people who travel a lot and want some grilled food during their traveling also. The ignition procedure of the char-broil portable grill is a little different than the other usual ones.

In this article, we will give you a detailed procedure about how you can light the char-broil portable gas grill, its manual ignition procedure, and some of its specific features.

How to light the char-broil portable gas grill:

For lightning, the char-broil portable gas grill, following are the steps that you have to follow very precisely.

Have a fuel source: When you are with your char broil portable gas grill you must have a fuel source in your surroundings. Most of the grills use propane as a fuel but some use natural gasses also.

The char-broil being portable, it is important to carry its fuel along with it also.

Turn the fuel source ON: Once you arrange the fuel source for your char-broil gas grill. The second step is to open the fuel and let it flow towards the grill via a connected pipe.

Don’t turn the gas full ON otherwise, it can cause a blast. Keep the propane nob to a medium.

Turning ON the ignition button: The portable char-broil gas grill comes with an ignition button that can ignite the grill when the grill is supplied with the fuel in an appropriate amount.

Press the ignition button until the grill catches the fire.

This is the usual procedure through which you can lighten your portable gas grill. This is the easiest and simple way to do that.

If your ignition button gets nonfunctional or you find any malfunctioning while using the ignition button you have to ignite the grill manually.

Manual ignition of the char-broil gas grill:

The manual ignition of the grill requires the following steps.

For manual ignition, the grill has a built-in match system.

Open the lid: In the first set of the manual ignition. You have to first open the lid and then search for the ignition hole.

Arrange the match sticks: once you searched the ignition tube you have to attach the match sticks to the curled space.

Don’t add much of the match sticks just add as many match sticks as the whole can hold.

Turn the gas ON: Now turn the gas ON and light the match sticks.

It is recommended to keep the gas at its lowest because you are igniting the grill manually and there can be a burning hazard doing so.

Ignite the closest burners: Once the targeted burner is lit. Now turn the closest burner ON so that the fire passes to that burner. Keep this practice with all the burners of the grill. Once all the burners get lightened the grill is all ready for cooking your delicious meet.


Features of the char-broil portable gas grill:

Following are some key features of the above-mentioned product.

  • The grill is based on a convection system. It is connected with the power of propane liquid.
  • The grates of the grill are porcelain-coated so they are rust-resistant and durable. This porcelain coating makes it easy to clean also.
  • The design of the grill is so compact. This makes it portable and easy to handle.
  • The outer case is also durable because of its anti-resistant coating. The case is heat resistant also.
  • The grill provides 190 square inches of cooking space.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long a grill should be heated before cooking?

The ideal time for preheating a grill is 15 minutes. This time best for maximum searing you want to have on your meat without getting it burned.

If you are cooking a dish that is to cook on low heat then the average time of preheating recommended is 10 minutes.

How often should I clean my BBQ grill?

It is recommended to clean the grill with scrubs after a month. If you use your grill very frequently then the schedule of cleaning must be different.

In daily usage clean the grill when you find an uncommon rise in temperature during the cooking. The grill needs a clean when it becoming hotter than normal during the cooking.

The observed temperature is 500°F.

Why my char-broil grill is not heating up properly?

Following is the obvious reason why your grill is not getting the proper heat.

Sometimes the oil drops and the meet dripping get clogged into the burners due to this the gas will remain unable to flow properly. Where there is an inappropriate flow of the gas there is an inappropriate flow of the fire also. This will not let your grill heat up properly.



Let’s end the discussion with the conclusion.

The lighting procedure of the char-broil gas grill is very easy if we have to do it usually with the built-in ignition button. But when the ignition button gets out of function or due to any other reason the grill is not getting the fire in its usual way you have to do it manually.

The manual ignition is a little bit different and tricky. There is a risk of burning hazard also because doing so you are in close contact with the fire and the propane or gas.

It is advised to do the manual ignition very carefully by following all the procedures that we have mentioned above in this article.


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