How to Reset a Whirlpool Icemaker ( Complete Instructions)

Whirlpool ice maker is equipment installed in the modern refrigerators which function to produce ice cubes automatically. If you observe that the ice maker is producing small size or hollow ice cubes then stop! it is a problem. But don’t worry we are here to give you a complete guide about how to reset a whirlpool icemaker. Whirlpool icemaker may vary from model to model but they all operate on the same principles. In this article, you will learn a complete guide to reset your whirlpool ice maker.

So before you reset your whirlpool icemaker you should need to read all the safety instructions written in the manual. Before doing any electrical work you need to follow the safety measures.

How to Reset a Whirlpool Icemaker

Temperature Adjustment: Check the temperature of the refrigerator. As you all know the temperature of the fruits and vegetable section is different and for the ice-making section the optimal temperature must be -18°C (check the user manual for the optimum temperature of your model). To fix the problem check if the temperature is optimum for the ice maker working. You can check it by using a thermometer or check if the freezer is freezing other material or not.

Unplug the Whirlpool Refrigerator: If you observe that your whirlpool ice maker is producing crescent or small size ice. And you are trying to fix this you need to unplug the refrigerator for 5 to 10 minutes and then plug in the switch and observe if it starts making ice. This step should be followed in the old whirlpool ice makers as they don’t have a reset button.

Reset the Button: New models of whirlpool icemaker have a reset button. And if you observe that your ice maker is not making ice or producing abnormal ice cubes then all you need to just do is unplug the refrigerator and take out the ice tray. Almost all the trays have a reset button. You can find it easily at the bottom of the tray. By this button reset your ice maker. Put the tray back in the refrigerator and plug it in the refrigerator. And observe if your ice maker starts making ice.

If your ice maker still didn’t work then give a try to another simple fix.

Whirlpool icemaker feeler arm:  All Whirlpool icemaker has a feeler arm. When the ice tray is full the feeler arm shuts off the icemaker and when you use the ice feeler arm will float and again refill the tray by ejecting the ice cubes in the ice tray. Sometimes these feeler arms get stuck or freeze and do not work properly so you need to check it. You can use a dryer to melt the ice which is causing the disturbance in its functioning.

The pressure of water: Whirlpool ice maker has a water supply pipe. Sometimes water pressure from this pipe is not optimal which is causing problems in making ideal ice cubes size. To check this turn off the water supply and take out the water supply pipeline and check its uniform flow. Attach it to a water supply and check its uniform water flow over a basket. If the water flow is not uniform then change the pipe.

Inlet Valve: if the water supply pressure is strong. Then there is a chance that you have a restriction in the inlet valve. It is not preferred to clean the valve and reuse it due to the risk of failure. It is recommended to fit a new inlet valve.

Filled Tube: If the ice maker is yet not producing ice or producing hollow or small size ice cubes. Then check if there is water or ice itself in the tray. If not then check the fill tube as the fill tube may be blocked by the ice. Use the hairdryer to remove the ice stuck in the fill tube line. Keep in mind that the fill tube blockage is due to restriction of the inlet valve or the insufficient water pressure at the inlet valve.

Water filter in whirlpool icemaker: All ranges of whirlpool ice makers contain water filters. It is placed either inside the refrigerator compartments or under the refrigerator grille. These filters are often clogged and are one of the major causes of not producing ideal or uniform ice cubes. This water filter needs to be replaced after 6 months and should be installed properly for the uniform functioning of the ice maker.

Test Spots: Take out your whirlpool icemaker and put off the cover. You will observe different test spots on it. A simple test to check whether the problem is either in your ice maker or in the refrigerator. What you need to do is take a 6 inch covered wire or take a paper clip covered with the tape. You will find two spots one is L and the other is V. Put both ends of the wire in V and L. If you observe that water starts falling in the ice maker. So it states that the contradiction is in your ice maker everything below in the refrigerator is working properly.  And you need to install a new ice maker in the refrigerator.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why the whirlpool ice maker is not getting water?

Sometimes your ice maker stops making ice. The main reasons include defective inlet valve or insufficient water supply. So instead of changing an icemaker go for the inlet valve setting or pressure adjustment.

How long does a whirlpool ice maker take to produce ice?

A uniform ice producing ice maker ejects once in an hour producing 10 to 12 ice cubes. In this case, your ice maker must produce about 200 ice cubes a day. But It can vary from ice tray size and ice producing capabilities.

Winding it up

So if your whirlpool ice maker is slagging off and you are looking for compensation. What you have to do is just follow the steps provided in the above guide and reset your ice maker and save expensive repair bills. But don’t forget to follow the safety measures mention in the user manuals. So this is all about how to reset a whirlpool ice maker. If you like the article feel free to drop a comment, it will be highly acknowledged.

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