How to store Spinach? ( Raw and cooked both)

People love consuming spinach both in raw and cooked form. In any case, the accessibility of new spinach on all days is beyond the realm of imagination. Going for food supplies every day to have fresh spinach in your dinners is certainly not a simple assignment. You need to store spinach for quite a long time and keep it new.  We will give you all the tricks on how to store spinach and consideration for long-haul stockpiling of spinach.

Spinach is a green leafy vegetable providing a bundle of nutritional benefits. It is enriched with all the essential Vitamins especially vitamin K. Not only vitamins it contains magnesium, iron, folates, too. Thus the presence of all the nutrients helps in reducing the risk of many diseases including dietary, heart diseases, and strokes. Knowing the health benefits many weight watchers also consume it daily in their diets.

We cannot over regard spinach due to its tremendous benefits. Some individuals consume spinach in raw form. They add their fresh spinach in their salads dressing, plates of pasta, and pizza toppings. All they just do is wash the spinach and add it to their dishes. Spinach gets rotted or wilted rapidly as compare to other vegetables due to high water content. You love to eat spinach in your meals both in fresh raw and cooked form. But spinach gets wilted within two days. You want to store it to enjoy it in your meals at any time of the day. Stop worrying! Just follow the steps below to store spinach both in cooked and raw form and enjoy.

How to store Spinach in 2021

How to store raw spinach?

The most common problem spinach lovers face is that they can’t keep their spinach fresh for use. Most of the vegetables have high moisture (water) content naturally. That’s why high water content in the Spinach causes it to gets saggy rapidly. By just following simple instructions and tricks you can store your spinach for days and keep it fresh.

Things Required:

  • Spinach
  • A container with a lid.
  • Paper towel

Step 1: Collect fresh leaves and dab all the apparent moisture:

Take fresh leaves of spinach. Cut the tips of the spinach leaves it’s optional. Place it on a plate or tray. Dab it with the help of a paper towel to remove all the apparent water content as much as you can by dabbing it with the help of a paper towel.

Step 2: Select the container according to the quantity :

Take a container with a lid. The size of a container may vary according to the quantity of your spinach. Make sure the container should be well dried.

Step 3: Make the layers by placing a paper towel:

Place the paper towel lining at the bottom of the container. Paper towels will help in absorbing water produced during the storage and aids in reducing the wilting and sliminess of the spinach. Place your spinach on the lining of the paper towel. If you have a large quantity of spinach then form 2 or 3 layers accordingly. Make sure that while making layers don’t forget to add the lining of a paper towel. At the last place the paper towel on the top.

Step 4: Cover the container and refrigerate:

Cover the container with the lid tightly. Place your container in your refrigerator and enjoy it fresh for 7 to 10 days.

Important Note: Do not wash the spinach leaves before storing them. Only wash it just before using it. As water content increases the chances of wilting increased so try to keep the moisture content as minimum as possible.

Separate leaves that are already wilted or start turning yellow color and lose their freshness already.

How to store cooked or wet spinach?

Every vegetable has its physiology based on which we select the treatment to apply to increase its shelf life and have it in off-seasons. Every vegetable tastes best when it is in season most people buy it in its season and stalk it for the whole year. They blanch the product and embed its flavor, color, and nutritional values and use it in any season of the year. Like many individuals, people love eating spinach in cooked form as it contains more iron and calcium cooked form, So blanching is a simple process to follow to enjoy your spinach throughout the year. Just follow these simple steps and enjoy your spinach throughout the year.

Things required:

  • Spinach
  • Tap water for washing
  • 2 pots
  • Hot water
  • Iced water
  • Airtight plastic bag


Step 1: Wash the leaves: First of all take your spinach leaves and rinse them under tap water. And remove all the apparent contamination with mud. Make sure to remove the leaves that have turned out brown or have signs of rot.

Step 2: Take hot and iced water in pots: Take two pots to add boil water in one pot and iced water in the other pot.

Step 3: Dip the spinach in both pots: Now take your washed and fresh spinach leaves to add them to the hot water pot for a minute or two. Then cool them in the iced water. Drain the iced water and squeeze the water out of the spinach.

Step 4: Wrap it in plastic bags: Take clear and dry plastic bags. Place your blanched spinach in the airtight plastic bags in the freezer and enjoy it throughout the year.

Important Note:

Make sure that you have separated all the bad and rotted leaves of spinach because the rotted leaves will cause the other leaves to rot rapidly and decrease their shelf life.

Make sure that you have to use airtight plastic bags to prevent freeze burns.

Always thaw the spinach at the refrigerated temperature before using it.

Other Common Methods:

With the invention of new machines and containers with the increased functionality individuals are switching toward more easy ways. Some individuals just buy produce keeper a container in which you can modify the atmosphere according to the requirement. All you have to do is place the fresh, dry, and clean spinach in the produce keeper and adjust the required amount of moisture that stays in the container. And get off the tension to buy spinach daily and enjoy your fresh spinach daily.

Some individuals modify the method explained at first. What they do is instead of using a paper towel in between the layers they place pieces of bread and it works also. But not appreciated by the folks who are on a gluten-free diet.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why my fresh dry spinach doesn’t last even for a day in a refrigerator?

There may be many reasons that you are facing this problem. One of the main reasons is that you place your spinach near to the fruits producing ethylene gas. That naturally ripened the fruit. So if you are placing your spinach near ethylene-producing gas you are doing a mistake. To keep it fresh must place it in a plastic bag in the refrigerator.

 How long can I store my spinach?

You can store your spinach from a week to 12 months. It all depends upon the method you choose for storing your spinach. If you want to store it in the raw form and follow the first method then you can store it for a week. And if you follow these simple steps for blanching then you can enjoy your spinach for more than 12 months.

Is spinach healthier in raw or cooked form?

This green leafy vegetable is considered healthy in both forms. Its tremendous nutritional benefits reducing the risks of many diseases including dietary, heart diseases, strokes, and osteoporosis, etc. Bodybuilders need more vegetable base omega-3 to reduce the risk of the chance of heart disease, osteoporosis, etc. So they consume spinach in raw form. This contains all soluble vitamins, omega-3, magnesium, folate, etc. in the raw form. And this leafy vegetable contains more oxalic acid so you will absorb more iron and calcium in cooked form as high temperature breaks the oxalic acid and helps in absorbing more iron and calcium. So it is beneficial in both forms it’s up to you in which form you want to consume it.

Final thoughts:

Spinach is beneficial both in raw and cooked form. That’s why it is like and prefers to consume in either way. We have explained all the best possible methods to help you in storing your spinach in both forms. It’s all up to your choice and prerequisites in which form you want to store your spinach. The key parameter which you should keep in mind for storing your spinach for long-term use is to keep it dry. You must keep both the spinach and container as dry as possible for keeping it fresh.  If you like our article and want any more related articles for this versatile and beneficial vegetable let us know in the comment section below.

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