Juice extractor Vs Juicer ( Complete Guide)

Fresh juices over other drinks you are also a “yes” party welcome to the article.

People nowadays are aware of the health benefits related to fresh juices and also are aware of the hazards that we humans can have from consuming the other drinks that are coffee, alcohol-based drinks, and carbonated beverages.

With the awareness in the health sector demand for the juicer and juice extractor machines increases in the market because if we make fresh juices at home these become budget-friendly, pure and we can choose the fruit of our choice also.

In this article, we will let you know that what are the properties of the juice extractor and the juicer separately and what are the real differences between them.

Juice extractor Vs Juicer

Juice extractor:

A juice extractor is a machine that is used for making juice out of citrus fruits, vegetables, and some other fruits also. In the juice extractor, there is a drainer attached that keeps the peel, seeds and the pulp of the fruits only allowing the pure juice to pass into your glass.

The juice extractor has cutting edges inside it. It comes with a separate container to collect the pure juice.

Types of juice extractors:

The juice extractor is of two types.

  1. Centrifugal juice extractor:
  • This is the most widely purchased juice extractor.
  • This separates the juice from the waste very fast.
  • It has a separate collector for the collection of waste.
  • It rotates at a high speed of 6000 to 14000 RPM
  • Due to fast rotation, it produces a loud noise.
  1. Masticating juice extractor:
  • It mashes the fruit or vegetable out of which you want to juice.
  • After mastication, it is pushed against a drainer.
  • The juice made with this masticating juice extractor is thick and rich in pulp.



A juicer is a machine from which you can get the juice of your choice or your input fruit. The juicer can’t distinguish between a puree and a juice.  It mashes the whole fruit to make juice.

It doesn’t provide as many features as the juice extractor provides.

Types of juicer:

The juicer also has two types.

  1. Electrical juicer:
  • The juicer is based on the centrifuge mechanism but not has as high RPMs as that juice extractors.
  • The fruit cuttings pass through the cutters and these cutters make a fine juice of the fruit.
  • There is no difference between pulp, puree, and juice when you are playing with a juicer.
  1. Manual juicer: in a manual juicer you have to add force to push the fruit against the cutters which then cut the fruit finely and make juice out of it.


Differences and Features

Juice extractor Juicer
In a juice extractor, you can have a separate juice out of the fruit puree and the pull. The pulp, seeds, the peel will get collected in the waste container. The juicer will give the juice out of everything you entered into it. There is no separation between the puree and pulp when you use the juicer.
The juice extractor is a little bit expensive because it provides much more features than a simple juicer. The juicer is cheap and affordable but what comes with its less price is, no features like the juice extractor.
Noise production
Due to high speed, the RPM centrifugation juice extractor produces a loud noise. The juicer also produces sound but not as much as that of a juice extractor.
Juice extractors are difficult to clean because they have complex making. The juicer is easy to clean


Frequently Asked Questions:

Are juice extractors and juicer having the same function?

The obvious answer is no. a juice extractor is a machine that gives you pure juice separating the peels, pulp, seeds. While the juicer is a machine that grinds everything you put into it and gives a liquid of that. We can’t call it pure juice.

Is juice a whole diet?

If you rely on the juice for a long period it causes you nutrient deficient. Juices are rich in sugars and lack other essential nutrients. Juices not at all are a whole diet. A juice diet can lead you to malnutrition.

What are the best juice extractors to buy?

Following are some best juice extractors you can have if you are planning to buy a juice extractor.

  • Breville juice fountain SL cold plus.
  • Hamilton beaches are easy to clean big mouth 2-speed juice extractor.
  • Hurom H101easy cleans slow juicer.
  • Breville big squeeze slow juicer.

What are the vegetables and fruits that should never put into the juicer?

Following are some fruits and vegetables that you should never put into the juicer to make the juice out of them.

  • Avocado
  • Whole apples.
  • Coconut
  • Kale
  • Pear
  • Pineapples
  • Whole citrus segment.

Keep these out of your juice menu.



Let’s end the discussion with a brief conclusion.

Juice extractor or Juicer, What to have?

We have seen the comparison in the article. It clears that the juice extractor is a better choice to have if you are a true juice lover. The juice extractor will provide you the pure juice and irrespective of its pulp, seeds, and puree. This is not true when we talk about the juicer.

The juicer blends it all and provides you a flavored liquid that we can’t call a juice.

The juicer extractor is a little bit expensive but this expense is worth having because the juice extractor is providing you the maximum of features that are not there in the juicer.

The only con that is irritating about the juice extractor is its loud noise. Many of the customers leave the juice extractors because it produces loud irritating noise.

If you can bear this noise then the juice extractor is a must-buy. The other features that the juice extractor has are beyond its price.

Choose one wisely by keeping your needs in mind.


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