Kenmore Grill Reviews 2021 ( Top Picks)

You are also a BBQ enthusiast? Then this article is written for you. Here we have detailed reviews about the Kenmore grill.

The people who love to have food of different kinds also love to have different cooking equipment’s with them. Mostly men are fond of eating BBQ thus they also wanting the grills at home so that they can bring the party at home anytime they want.

Kenmore is the leading company in the niche of grills. The Kenmore is here in the world for the last 100 years and providing its services to mankind. The Kenmore offers many home appliances but their grills are the best seller among all other kitchen appliances. People are trusting their grills and prefer them to have these for their yards and kitchens.

In this article, we will enlist some of the Kenmore grills, their separate features, specifications, and the pros and cons of using those grills.

5 best Kenmore grills:

Following are some best Kenmore grills that you can have.

1.Kenmore PG-40405SOLA-AM stainless steel 4

Kenmore PG-40405SOLA-AM stainless steel 4

The model is made of total stainless steel. This is made to bring it outdoor. Some grills are difficult to move but this is made in a way that is easy to carry.

The design of the grill is unique and attractive too.


Some features of the Kenmore PG-40405SOLA-AM stainless steel 4 are.

  • Burners: The grill has 4 main burners each of the burners has a capacity of 10000 BTU the side burner has a capacity of 13000BTU. These all burner are made up of stainless steel for longer durability.
  • Cooking surface: The grill offers a total cooking surface of 606 square inches. The cooking surface is divided into two spaces the primary and the secondary, the primary is comprised of 432 square inches and the secondary is made up of 174 square inches.

This is a premium size for doing cooking efficiently.

  • Material of construction: The grill is made up of high-quality stainless steel. The cooking grates are solid with a thickness of 6mm and made of stainless steel also. the total construction is with the stainless steel even the burners and the doors also.
  • Mobility: The grill is made for both outdoor and indoor placement that is the way it is made mobile. The grill is made in a way that is very easy to move. Have 4-3 rolling casters and 2 out of them have breakers also.
  • Easy ignition: The grill has electronic ignition which makes it easy to start.

2.Kenmore PG-40406SOL AM outdoor patio 4 gas:

Kenmore PG-40406SOL AM outdoor patio 4 gas

This is also a leading grill of the Kenmore. This is a little bit different from the other one. While the rest of the features are almost the same.


Some important features are.

  • Burners: The grill has 4 burners.  The burners on a whole have the capacity of cooking almost 41 burners at a time perfectly. The burners have an output capacity of 10000BTU and the one side burner has a capacity of 13000BTU. The burners are all made up of stainless steel.
  • Cooking space: The grill offers a cooking space of 622 square inches. The primary cooking area is 422 square inches and the secondary cooking surface is 180 square inches.
  • Material of construction: The grill is made up of stainless steel to increase its durability. The stainless steel surface is powder-coated also.  This powder coating makes it suitable for the harsh environment also.
  • Easy to ignite: The ignition is easy to do because of the electrical ignition system.
  • Fuel source: The grill has a propane tank also, attached to its backside. This makes it convenient to carry and easy to use.

3.Kenmore PG-40409SOLB-AM outdoor patio 4 gas:

Kenmore PG-40409SOLB-AM outdoor patio 4 gas

This grill is unique in its design and has the most elite design among all Kenmore grills. The grill’s control panel and side faces make it different from others and make it an attractive piece of the grill also. The construction of this grill is different from the others that we have mentioned in this article.


Let’s get into the features of Kenmore PG-40409SOLB-AM outdoor patio 4 gas.

    • Burners: The grill has 4 main burners and a side burner. The main burners have an output capacity of 10000 BTU while the side burner has a capacity of 12000BTU. These are all made up of stainless steel for better durability.
    • Material of construction: Collectively the grill is made up of porcelain, stainless steel, cast iron coated with the powder. The grits are made up of cast iron and are coated with porcelain. The doors are made up of stainless steel and are coated with powder for a better finish. The burners are made up of stainless also.
    • Cooking space: On the whole, the grill provides a cooking surface of 612 square inches. Out of this, the primary cooking surface is 450 square inches and the secondary cooking surface id of 162 inches.


  • Easy cleaning: The grill comes with grease cups that collect the grease drippings and the meet drippings also during the cooking. This feature makes the cleaning of the grill easy. Also, due to this, cooking on the grill doesn’t make a huge mess that has to clean afterward.
  • Mobility: The cast iron wheels or rollers make their mobility easy.
  • Easy ignition: The grill comes with an electronic ignition which makes the ignition easy and less risky.

4.Kenmore elite PG-40415S0LC Stainless steel 4 burner:

Kenmore elite PG-40415S0LC Stainless steel 4 burner

It is a blend of a traditional look with modern technology. If you love to have this kind of antique object then this is surely made for you.


The features of this grill are slightly different from the other grills that we have given you details about.

  • Burners: The grill also has 4 burners but the output capacity of these burners is different from the rest of the grills. Each of the burners has an output capacity of 12000BTU. The burners are also made up of stainless steel.
  • Cooking surface: The grill offers a huge cooking surface that is a total of 664 square inches. The primary is 580 square inches and the secondary is 174 square inches.
  • Controvertible fuel options: The grill basically operates on the propane liquid but can be converted to natural gas also when required.

This is a useful feature this grill has.

  • Assembly: The other grills when came are in parts and have to assemble ourselves. This grill when arrives at home is 90% assembled the rest has to assemble at the location. Due to this reason, its assembly is easy.
  • User friendly: The control panels have halogen lights to make the work easy in the dark. The sides also have the LED lights which enhance the party mood and enjoyment of late-night cooking. These are some extra features that this grill is incomplete without.

5.Kenmore PG-4030400-LD AM:

Kenmore PG-4030400-LD AM

This grill is elite in design and style. This is lightweight and made for the people who have to make a small amount of food on it or have a small family. This can’t equip a large amount of food in it.


Let’s discuss some of its features.

  • Burners: The grill has three burners on the whole. Thus can’t cook much amount food at a time.  This grill can accommodate a maximum of 33 burgers at a time. The burger size should be regular and not too big.
  • Cooking space: The cooking space is 522 square inches out of which primary is 408 square inches and secondary is 144 square inches.
  • Easy ignition: The grill has an electronic ignition system. This makes the ignition easy.

Buying guide:

Following are some features that you should consider while buying a grill.


Before buying first consider the material from which the grill is made of. If it is made of stainless steel, cast iron, or is porcelain coated then it is a good buy. If it is made up of some cheap material then you should not buy this because this can be a waste of money and cab get rust very shortly.


Consider the number of burners that the grill will offer. Greater the number of burner grater will be the cooking capacity. Also, you should consider the capacity of the burners. The higher capacity means the higher efficiency of the grill. Bring one that is most suited for your use.

Grilling surface:

Also, consider the grilling surface before buying a grill. Many grills have many burners but don’t have an appropriate cooking surface this can create problems while cooking.

Some grills have foldable shelves that comprise the grilling surface also.

Go for the grill that provides the grilling surface of your choice.


 All the Kenmore grills that we have mentioned above are portable but the difference is some are easy to carry and some are not depending upon the type of wheels they are equipped with.

Go for the one that will have the fluent movement.

 Frequently Asked Questions

How can I clean my BBQ grill?

Cleaning the BBQ grill is very easy to do. Follow the following steps for efficient cleaning.

  • Before getting into the cleaning procedure, turn of your BBQ grill let it stay for some time so that its temperature comes to normal.
  • Now remove the cooking grid out of the grill. It is suggested to wash the grid with the dish wash soap or you can clean it with the wet cloth or vegetable brush also.
  • Keep that grid on the rack for drying. Meanwhile, clean the heat tamers and the burner also with the dry cotton cloth.
  • Once the grid gets dry, place it back to its position in the grill.

Your BBQ grill is all clean now.

How often should I clean my BBQ grill?

It is recommended to clean the grill with scrubs after a month. If you use your grill very frequently then the schedule of cleaning must be different.

In daily usage clean the grill when you find an uncommon rise in temperature during the cooking. The grill needs a clean when it becoming hotter than normal during the cooking.

The observed temperature is 500F.

What are the best brands of the grill to buy?

Some best brands from where you can have the BBQ grills are.

  • Weber Genesis II EX-335 (overall the best grill)
  • NexGrill 4-burner gas grill (best value for money)
  • Weber Spirit II E-310 propane grill. (best gas grill)
  • Char-broil infrared gas grill. (best grill for beginners)
  • Weber original kettle premium charcoal grill. (best charcoal grill)
  • Kenmore PG-4030400-LD AM. ( best grill for small scale cooking)

Who makes Kenmore propane grills?

The parmasteel has the contract of making the Kenmore propane grills.

Before the permasteel, the Kenmore grills were made by the sears and the Kmart. The contract lasts for the last long 10 years and after that, in 2017 the permasteel signed the exclusive contract.



Let’s end the detailed discussion with a brief conclusion.

The Kenmore is a leading brand of grills. Some of the leading grills are mentioned above in the article. Their important features are also enlisted above. These grills are mostly common but these just hold a few differences. Some are different in the burners, some are in design, some are different in the material of construction and some are different in the cooking spaces.

Each of the grills is made by considering the demands of the customers. Different customers have different demands for the grills. In the market, each of the above-mentioned grills has some customers. We can’t make one superior depending upon its features. Every grill has its unique features and depending upon its demands in the market.

It is just advisable to check the portability and the electrical ignition before buying a grill. The other features are your demand dependent and you should go with that.


Thank you for reading this article. If you like it let us know in the comment section below.  You can also enquire about your queries and questions related to the grills and grill cooking. Your response to this article will be appreciated.

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