Moka vs French press (Differences and the Right one)

Coffee is the second most favorite drink in the world after alcohol due to some addictive components which coffee has. The most prominent is caffeine. If you are also confused about which is the best coffee maker between the Moka pot and French press you are in the right place to explore. In this article, we will find out which one to have best between the Moka pot and the French press with us being coffee lovers.

If you are also the one who is in love with the coffee and also concerned about how the coffee is made by a different process then you must be finding the best coffee maker in town.

Moka pot is the electrical coffee brewing device that works when the boiling water pressurized by steam passes through the coffee bean. French pot on the other hand is also known as the coffee plunger, coffee pot or coffee press is not likely to be specially made for coffee brewing but is initially made for separating tomatoes from the tomato juice but then realized coffee can also be made through this French press.

Moka vs French press

Moka pot:

Moka pots come in different sizes, in different materials, and with different functional capabilities.

Moka pots traditionally are among the most famous coffee brewing equipment and now people are also using the Moka pots in homes as a home appliance.

Sizes: The Moka pot comes In 3 cups to 6 cups of coffee in sizes before buying a Moka pot you must understand how much coffee you need from one brewing session and depending on your demand get a pot of your desired size.

Connectivity: The Moka pots you find in the market can be manual and you will find one with electrical connectivity too. The one with the electrical connectivity has timers on them that can brew your coffee in the morning even before you have awake. It also has temperature regulation noobs so you just have to decide the grind size of the coffee beans.

In manual one, you are not entertained with the modern functionalities like that of timers, and other you manually have to set the temperature by keeping the pot on the stove and same for the grind size of the beans. In manual one, you have to adjust your proportions of temperature and coffee bean’s size according to your experience or just like that.

Material: Moka pot can be in stainless steel material or aluminum.

Moka pots are known for the aluminum material but the problems associated with the aluminum material are also there. Aluminum is porous that is it has small holes in it in which the coffee and the fats can get entrapped and later on can cause cleanliness issues. Another problem that is associated with aluminum is it can get rusted when came in contact with the air or acidity.

Moka pots in stainless steel material are more durable than the aluminum because it is non-corrosive, non-porous and of high quality.

French press:

The French press is known for the portable type of coffee maker. You can find varieties within your French press.

Sizes: It comes in the range with the one cup brewed coffee to the maximum of 4 cups.

Material: The materials in which the French press are made are usually plastic and glass. Bought a one depending upon your attraction or which you think is more reliable.

Manual: French press is manual you have to brew your coffee by pressing the plunger of the French press with your hand.

Differences: The main difference between them comes in working:


French press

Step 1; preheat the water in the kettle. And reach it to the boiling temperature. Once reached remove the kettle from the stove.

Step1; pour water into the kettle and bring it to the temperature of 95 degrees Celsius.

Step 2; grind the coffee beans as fine as the table salt is and transfer the ground coffee to the Moka.

Step2; preheat the French press by adding hot water to it. Remember to remove that water before the addition of beans.

Step 3; pour hot water above the coffee fill the line in the bottom of the brewer.

Step 3; add the ground coffee in the French press and make a level bed of the coffee.

Step 4; insert the filter basket in the brewer's bottom.

Step 4; add 35ml of water to the French press and stir it with a spatula and let it bloom for some time.

Step 5; screw the top and the bottom together. And don’t over tighten that.

Step 5; add the remaining water to it to mark up to 250ml.

Step 6; put the brewer on the stove and let the lid open, use moderate heat.

Step 6; put the lid on the top of it and don’t press the plunger yet first let it settle down. Then after sometime press, the plunger slowly with a little pressure so that it passed finely through the filter.

And the coffee is ready. Pour it immediately to avoid extra extracting.

Step 7; the coffee will begin to come out with a puffing sound in a dark brown stream when the color of this stream gets lighter remove it from the stove and pour it into your cup and it's ready for a sip.

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Let’s give a conclusion to the above discussion. Which is the best coffee machine the Moka or the French press? Which? Form the discussion it’s impossible to give one of them the tag of the best because both of them have their place none of the two can surpass the other. The one is portable and easy to use while the other has its importance cited in the histories of coffee brewing machines.

In my opinion, if you want to experience the traditional way of coffee brewing you better go with the Moka but if you are not interested in the laborious tasks while making a coffee and want a cup of coffee at the very instant you must go with the French press.

I hope this article brings ease to your life and boost your decision making power while choosing between a Moka and a French press.

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