Pizza deals in Lahore in 2022( All Deals)

Are you also a pizza lover like me? Then grab your forks and knives. I have accumulated all the mouth-licking pizza deals in Lahore. Simply continue to peruse this article you will wind up ordering the best pizza deals for you and your family.

When ordering Pizza online you will find a lot of pizza deals and coupons locally and nationally. Many companies are offering a variety of pizza deals and making easy access to wonderful deals on pizzas. All in all, you can say that pizza is becoming more affordable nowadays.

Here are some of the restaurants offering the deals you are looking for,

Pizza deals in Lahore in 2022

Broadway Pizza: Broadway Pizza is top-rated for its deals and discount including the following,

Exclusive deals: Their exclusive deals are for sharing your pizza with friends and families.

Exclusive deal 1: 10-inch medium Pizza and sauce in 750 PKR.

Exclusive deal 2: 13-inch large Pizza and 2 sauces in 949 PKR.

Crazy deal:

  • 20-inch slice, dip sauce, and small drink in PKR 399.

Note: Tax will be added exclusively on billing.

Mozzarella 27: This restaurant is offering several deals at the moment.

Tuesday deal: On Tuesday they are offering to buy one get other free on ordering any Pizza.

Lunch deals: They have lunch deals timing from 11:30 Am to 5:00 Pm

  • Personal pan pizza in PKR 199 + tax
  • 2 small pizzas with 250ml soft drink in just 599Rs+tax

Family Deals: They have reasonable family deals, to enjoy your pizza with families and friends,

  • It includes 5 regular deep pan pizzas 11 inches in just Rs3199 + tax.
  • It has 1 large 13 inches Pizza + 1.5ltr Soft drink in just Rs999 + tax.
  • 1 regular 11 inches pizza + 2 drinks 345 ml in Rs799 + tax

NY 212: They are providing deals for two and family deals.

Deals for 2:

This include,

  • 2 personal pan pizzas and 500ml soft drink just in 900Rs.
  • 21inch pizza slice, garlic bread, and 250ml soft drink in just 450Rs.

Family deals:

In their family deals, they are offering

  • 21 inches Pizza and 1.5litre soft drink in just 2,250Rs.
  • 13 inches large pizza and 1.5litre soft drink in just 1250Rs.

Forks n Knives Pizzas: Fork n Knives are getting popular nowadays due to its deal and flavor.

Deal 1: 2 regular pizza (special flavor), 1.5liter drink in Rs.1450

Deal 2: 1 large pizza (any flavor) including 1.5liter soft drink in Rs.1060

Midnight deal 1: 1 regular pizza including 2 regular drinks in Rs.740

Midnight deal 2: 1 large pizza including 4 regular drinks in Rs.1040

Pizza Online Lahore: It Is rated 4.5 stars according to google because of its taste. The best part is they have pasta with almost in their every pizza deal other than fries and soft drink.

Deal 1: 1 small pizza, 1 creamy pasta, 1 small fries, and 1.5liter soft drink in just 820Rs.

Deal 2: 1 large stuffer Pizza, 1 creamy pasta, 1.5liter soft drink in 1560Rs.

Deal 3: 2 large pizzas, 1.5litre soft drink in 1880Rs.

All in all, just enjoy your pizza with friends and family by choosing any of the deal explained above. Do you want to know about any other deals? Let us know in the comment section below, it will be profoundly valued.

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