Pressure cooker Vs Sous Vide ( Main Differnces)

As the name indicates pressure cooker and sous vide are two different utensils working on entirely two different techniques for making delicious dishes. In a pressure cooker, the pressure cooking technique is used for preparing different verities of dishes using high-pressure steam. On the other hand, a Sous vide cooker is used for the sous vide technique in which food is prepared gently at low a temperature. Here is a great guide about Pressure Cooker vs Sous Vide.

The main thing that strikes a chord when you need to prepare distinctive food is the thing that sort of utensil or method you will utilize. The choice of which utensil you will utilize is dependent on the cooking procedure uses.  Do you want to prepare different dishes at home? You are confused between the pressure cooker and Sous vide. Don’t worry! Just keep reading this article we have explained all the distinctive features between these two kitchen wares.

Overview: Pressure Cooker Vs Sous Vide

Pressure Cooker: A pressure cooker is kitchenware that uses the pressure cooking technique to cook a variety of appetizing dishes. With time modifications have been made to make a better and safer pressure cooker. Pressure cookers may vary from model to model but they have the same working principle.

Major four parts of pressure cooker include,

The inner pot: It is the one in which all the ingredients are placed and cooking happens. Many advanced and electronic pressure cookers have a measuring scale that will tell you the maximum fill level. Most inner pots are of stainless steel having a non-stick or ceramic coating.

The lid: The lid is an important part of a cooker. Most of the safety systems and valves are present on the lid. A lid also has a locking mechanism.

The base: This is an innovation in the new electric pressure cooker. The heating compartment is situated at the base to generate heat. It also contains a temperature panel and programming panel. The old version pressure cooker is placed on the stoves to produce heat.

Safety valve: The safety valve ensures safety. The safety valve shields the pressure cooker from exploding by letting out excess pressure when the pot’s internal pressure surpasses safe limits.

Handle: The handle is made to ensure the users in comfortable use of the pressure cooker.

Working of a Pressure cooker:

A pressure cooker works on the pressure cooking technique. In a  cooker, the food is cooked under high pressure. As the name indicates pressure is built inside the sealed pot to cook the food in the pressure cooker. The sealed pot heats up and the liquid inside the pot forms steam which raises the pressure inside the pot. Resultantly this high pressure helps in forcing liquid into the food quickly and helps in cooking food faster as well as making the tough meat tender quickly. In a pressure cooker usually, water is used to produce steam and build in the pressure to cook the food. You can cook beans, stews, tough cuts of meat including beef, pork, etc. Enjoy cooking faster.

As everything has its pros and cons the same is with pressure cooker it is costly, you cannot add flavors or ingredients during cooking, you can’t check your food once it is locked and it has high safety risks in the old version cookers. So the choice is all yours what you have to choose for your kitchen.

Sous Vide: It is a gentle cooking process at a low temperature below the boiling point of the water. Sous vide is used to cook several things including eggs, lamb, carrots, liver, and popular for fillet steaks. Sous vide is loved by culinary experts as it doesn’t let the food items overcook.

All of the sous vide generally contain three parts,

Sous vide precision cooking device: In sous vide the temperature is monitored throughout the entire procedure. So immersion circulators circulate water and ensure that all the ingredients are consistently cooked. Other than the immersion circulators sous vide water ovens are also available in the market. These are fully contained water bath and quite larger than sous vide sticks.

Sealable bags: Sous vide cooking is usually done in a vacuum-sealed bag. The food is placed in these sealable bags. And these sealable bags are then placed in the water baths. Once the cooking is complete they are removed from the bath. Many types and variations come in these bags including resealable bags, Vacuum sealing bags, canning jars, etc.

A pot: You need a pot or container to hold the bath that you will use for sous vide cooking.

Working of Sous Vide:

Sous vide cooking technique is a gentle cooking process. It is done at low temperatures and requires continuous stirring for wonderful results. People all around the globe love sous vide techniques for cooking steaks fillet or beef steaks as it doesn’t overcook. Before switching towards it you must know the working mechanism. The food to be cooked is placed in the vacuum-sealed bag or you may take an airtight bag ensuring that no air or water gets inside it. Then submerge the bags in the water bath. The immersion circulator contains the heating element is then placed in the water bath ensuring that the controlling manual must be kept outside the bath. Then the temperature is set according to the requirements and plug in the outsource power. The temperature of the water increased accordingly and allowing the food inside the bag to cook at a precise temperature. So, immersion circulator heat and circulates the water all around ensuring the uniform cooking of food.

As each kitchenware has both advantages and disadvantages. Sous vide will cook the juiciest bits of meat however then again, it will require additional time and focus. So it is all up to you what you will pick as required by your prerequisites.

Major Differences:

Pressure Cooker                                            Vs                          Sous Vide

 The pressure cooker is all in one and easy to operate.

Sous vide requires proper monitoring and requires specific sous vide cooking equipment.

In the pressure cooker, a high temperature is required.

In Sous vide low temperature is required

In it, steam is used to build in the pressure.

In sous vide temperature is raised to boil water.

The direct cooking method is used.

Indirect cooking is done.

In less time food is cooked rapidly.

More time is required to cook food gently.

It is both time and energy saving.

It is time taking task and requires more energy.

In the pressure cooker, food is sometimes overcooked.

Food is never overcooked.

So it relies on the sort of cooking you need to do. On the off chance that you need to make great finished restaurant-style steaks or wanting to sear your food subsequently then go with the delicate cooking machine sous vide. However, on the off chance that you need more time and you simply need to prepare your food quickly without checking then you should go with the pressure cooker and set up your dish in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I use a pressure cooker for sous vide cooking?

Although there are numerous assortments of pressure cookers out there in the market that accompany a variety of settings and capacities, no pressure cooker is explicitly intended to incorporate sous vide cooking capacity. If you somehow happened to endeavor to utilize your weight cooker for sous vides cooking, you should have the option to align the temperature setting inside the cooker to make it steady with the recipe that you are making.

Is cooking sous vide is healthier than a pressure cooker?

As in sous vide cooking is done at low temperature. So there is a chance of bacterial growth leading to foodborne illness at this temperature. As the bacteria, clostridium botulinum grows in low oxygen and temperature conditions. So, it is advisable to not store or cook food in the danger zone for more than 2 hours. Whereas in a pressure cooker the nutritional values are retained and considered quite healthier than the sous vide.

Final thoughts:

Along these lines, if you are searching for cooking scrumptious meat pieces or steaks, at that point sous vide ought to be your best option. You will worth getting it. Or on the other hand on the off chance that you are searching for making stews or bigger clumps of food requiring numerous ingredients at that point go for the pressure cooker, you will appreciate having it. In this article, we have attempted to clarify the major differences between these two sous vide and pressure cooker to help you in better understanding their features and working principles. After reading this article you will never confuse between these two and decide the best option for you. If you find our article helpful and want to know about more kitchen wares and their minute differences let us know in the comment section below. It will be profoundly valued.

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