What is lemon zester and how to use it

A lemon zester is a kitchen utensil that has been designed to create thin strips of citrus peel. What does it do? What are the benefits? What can you use it for in your cooking? All these questions will be answered in this article about how to use lemon zester and what they are used for.

What is lemon zester and how to use it?

You can use a lemon zester to extract the right amount of citrus flavour. Lemon zest is the yellow-colored skin of a lemon. It has high levels of vitamin C and antioxidants which are very good for your health. Lemons, in general, have many benefits including their powerful anti-inflammatory properties that help fight against cancerous cells. When talking about using it as a food ingredient you can use it for making lemonade, salad dressing, or even baking.

What are the benefits of using a lemon zester?

Using a lemon zester to get your lemons’ skin is a very easy and fast process. It can be used in various recipes especially in deserts where you want to enhance its aroma. A good example would be adding some grated lemon zest to a chocolate cake. What’s more – it is easy to clean and you can use it for grating other types of citrus fruit such as oranges, grapefruit, or lime.

How do I use lemon zester?

Now that we know what a lemon zester is used for, let’s see how to actually use one:

  • What you need to do is to take the lemon and place it on a cutting board so that it’s flesh-side down.
  • Make sure your hand is not too far from the zester, making an angle of around 30 degrees compared to the fruit’s edge.
  • Put pressure on your palm while grating through lemons’ skin.
  • What you will get is the lemon zest in different shapes and sizes with its white pulp attached to it, make sure not to include it when using your grated lemons for recipes. What’s more – some people like removing only the yellow part of citrus fruit but I prefer both since they can give a stronger aroma. What’s more – if you do not have a zester or can’t find it, there are other options to choose from.
  • What about grating the lemon with your regular cheese grater? What you will get is something called Microplane which has very small holes that help create beautiful fragrances for many recipes. Once done make sure to clean your lemon zester to prevent any bacteria from getting into the fruit.
  • You can use different types of brushes or even put them in a dishwasher for a thorough cleaning process.
  • While grating your lemon make sure not to get its white pulp since it is bitter and very difficult to remove once mixed with other ingredients, What’s more – lemon zest can be used for various recipes, What’s more – e.g.:
  • Adding it to the chocolate cake recipe makes its taste even better and the aroma is something you will never forget. What about using some homemade lemonade with your grated lemons? You are going to love its tangy flavor! What’s more – there are many other recipes that you can use it for, What’s more – here is a list of things where lemon zest can be used:

Baking cakes, pies, and bread. What about making your own homemade bread? What’s more – mixing it with some sugar and creating a delicious topping instead of regular sugar. What’s more – if you would like to make a healthier version of your dessert put it in the blender and create some lemon zest powder for sprinkling over cakes or other recipes. What about creating a homemade dressing?

What you need is mixing grated lemons with different types of oil, here are few combinations: What’s more – olive oil What’s more – avocado oil What’s more – grape seed What’s more – rice bran What’s more – sesame What about making lemon zest powder?

What you need is grating your lemons with a fine Microplane tool, make sure to remove its white part since it can ruin the taste of your powder. Place it on a baking tray and bake in the oven for about 30 minutes, You need to be careful since its color can change from yellow to brown due to high temperature so make sure not to burn your zest powder. Add some salt or other spices such as cinnamon if you like to spice things up What’s more – store it in an airtight container

Lemon zest powder for sprinkling over cakes or other recipes What about making your own homemade oil? What you need is mixing grated lemons with different types of olive oil, here are few combinations. What about making lemon curd? What you need is to mix grated lemons with butter, sugar, and eggs. Cook it on low heat until it thickens up.


With the power of a lemon zester, you can extract just the right amount of citrus flavor to add to your favorite dish without any extra work. We hope this blog post has given you some insight into how much more convenient it is with one little tool that makes life so much easier in the kitchen! If you have questions about these tips or would like us to answer anything for you please leave a comment below and we’ll be happy to help.

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